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An interesting version of PES (winning eleven) you may not know about. I imported it back in the day for my GBA. The guy that sold me it sent a folded piece of paper with all the menus translated into English šŸ˜„ Surprisingly the gameplay was quite similar to to the console versions. I thought it was a great feat to get the game anywhere near its console counterparts.

This is a gem, absolutely. I'd never even heard of this edition, amazing what they did with the limited engine like you mentioned!
Would love to try this indeed. :)
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I thought I should copy and paste what I posted in @adams06 PES 2008 Option File threadā€¦

ā€œFirst of all a big thanks again to @adams06 for this editor. With the copy and paste function it does save so much time. :)

I have a question, hopefully someone may know the answer.

@adams06 included a nationality.txt file with the editor which enables you to change the National names in the editor (not the game itself). When I first tried this when it was first released it worked fine but I had no need to use it so I didnā€™t. But now I want to do an option file for the Euros with different National teams, but the nationality.txt does not work this time.

I have tried redownloading it and I also tried v5 of the editor but still no joy.

I am using a Mac but I donā€™t think it would make a difference because I used my Mac the last time it worked. I also have a virtual pc but I cannot get the editor to open on that. I think there may be a problem with Java on the pc.

Any answers / ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks :) ā€œ
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