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27 June 2009
Hello community.

I’ll start out this post by being brutally honest with all of you: for both EA and PES, offline football gaming is dead.

All efforts have been allocated to the online, micro-transaction-fueled experience because that’s where the profit is, so naturally this state of affairs won’t change anytime soon; if anything, I believe this tendency will become more obvious as years go by and therefore the culture of online gaming consolidates itself as the fundamental part of any football game.

For all I know, I could wake up tomorrow and find out there was a new football game that fulfilled my dreams of a realistic Human vs. AI football simulation. But sadly, I find neither current PES nor current FIFA satisfying, let alone even innovative, and it has been like this for a few years now.

Disappointed with such state of affairs, I had to find a worthwhile football “fix”. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time for gaming as I had ten, fifteen years ago so the little time I have to spend on it is absolutely precious, therefore not to be wasted on games I don’t even enjoy just because they're new and shiny.

So over the course of countless months I sampled every FIFA and PES title I own – glad I didn’t sell any of them – on multiple platforms, to see if I could find at least one that satisfied me. What I discovered on this journey shook me…

….I didn’t take full advantage of any of these games.

For example I barely played PES2009 at all because I was completely infatuated with FIFA09 back then. I didn’t even try out a few PES on platforms such as the PC or the PSP because I always played on the PS2/3.

As for the games I spent the most time on in the past – maybe PES5 and 6, 2013 too -, still it turned out not to be enough time spent to appreciate all of what the game had to offer. This was mainly due to the fact that yearly iterations of the game contribute for the players to only utilize a very small percentage of each version’s possibilities.

Let me put it this way: when was the last time you played a full Become a Legend career, from the player’s debut to past his 30th birthday? My answer: I NEVER did it.

Out of all the teams in every version, how many did you use for your ML adventures? My answer, let’s see: out of many hundreds of teams available in every version, I used an average of 2 teams in each, two ML saves. Let’s say I played 10 versions of PES: 2x10 versions = 20 teams, multiply every team on 10 versions of PES and you’ll realize as I did that I’ve used 20 teams out of a total of…THOUSANDS! If we consider that there are around 50 players in two squads, and I bought on average 15/20 players in every single one of my ML adventures throughout the years, how many thousands of players haven’t I used?

When was the last time you won the WC on the hardest setting with the five worst National Teams in the game? When was the last time you won the WEFA/CL with the worst club in the game?

There’s much more on my checklist that I never accomplished – and much more I’m only now adding to that same checklist - not only due to my shortage of time, but mainly because I always had to get the next version of PES/FIFA and start it all anew, whilst “putting away on a shelf” all the progress I had made on the previous one.

Playing all of these games again sparked up my creativity and made me come up with new ways to fulfill my only objective: to get the most out of every single football game I wish to play. Now I’m opening this topic on Evo-Web not only because I want to share my retro PES adventures with you, but encouraging also all of you to do the same.

These adventures obviously will include ML saves, but not just. There’s a ML adventures thread you can use but that topic naturally allows only ML discussion, whilst here the discussion is not only exclusively Retro but also allows for ANY type of Retro-PES discussion besides the Master League: whether you played Random Selection Match and had a blast, or you’re updating us on your last week of your 7th Become a Legend season on PES2010, even if you just played a friendly match on PES3 I want you to write about it. I don’t know what do you think of it, but I love writing and also reading detailed analysis on players, teams, and experiences within the game. So anything that keeps the Retro-PES discussion alive is welcomed.

The only rule of the topic is: the game you wish to speak of MUST NOT be the current version, so as of April 2018 I can't talk about PES2018 but could speak of my adventures on PES2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and so on until PES1 (I guess we could include ISS too, if you have enough balls to go back and play those games).

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m going against modern FIFA or PES. If you enjoy PES2018 or you’re reading this in 2019 and you believe PES2019 is the greatest game ever, I have nothing against it, by all means enjoy it. I just believe we have to create and maintain a culture of retro-football gaming to keep the passion for PES alive even among those whose passion for it either has vanished completely or is fading away – and there’s a lot of people who fit this description. Still, the culture of retro can coexist with the culture of modern gaming, we’re all free men and grown-ups here so we can play whatever we want whenever we want. This means you can enjoy the current-year’s PES AND at the same time enjoy a past PES game enough to write about it here on this topic if you feel like it.

If you’re still reading this long post, welcome to the Retro-PES Corner, the only place on Earth where you’re actually encouraged to write thousand-word posts about videogames that were released back when Robben and Iniesta still had hair.


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I love it. Maybe Konami will do the same and use their previous older games as a platform to start again. I highly recommend people look even further back. SWOS, Kick Off etc.
I really want to start ML in PES6 with the default squads, but I don't want those blank teams. I could download a new OF but I don't want it to crash after the second season as this is common in OFs.
The whole story idea has intrigued me. I keep thinking of a Roy of the Rovers style comic. Never seen anyone do that sort of thing before, not with PES anyway.
I really want to start ML in PES6 with the default squads, but I don't want those blank teams. I could download a new OF but I don't want it to crash after the second season as this is common in OFs.
The whole story idea has intrigued me. I keep thinking of a Roy of the Rovers style comic. Never seen anyone do that sort of thing before, not with PES anyway.
The blank teams don't appear in the ML at all unless you change the starting composition. They also don't appear in random selection match. Probably a small code hack was done near the end after they lost the bundesliga rights :P

Also, I ordered PES 1, 2, 3 and 4 on PS2, should arrive today ^^
But the players will be available. I know no one will buy them but I know they are still there :D
I went back and re purchased 1 and 2 so I now have 1-6. Play one game at a time on each version. The difference in gameplay is incredible.
Nice, I'll have the same ones as you then later today :D
Can't wait to play PES3 :)

And also, I'm 16, and considering MTF, so we're not all adults, to the OP :p
but I can still enjoy it just as much ^^
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They are SO different it's ridiculous. 1 and 2 maybe haven't dated so well but the rest are fine. Tbh they all have their merits. It depends on the experience you want. If you want ML I'd go with 3, maybe even 2. I'm sure 2 had three tier ML. If you want destroy everyone with Adriano I'd go with 5. Depends on your mood :)
They are SO different it's ridiculous. 1 and 2 maybe haven't dated so well but the rest are fine. Tbh they all have their merits. It depends on the experience you want. If you want ML I'd go with 3, maybe even 2. I'm sure 2 had three tier ML. If you want destroy everyone with Adriano I'd go with 5. Depends on your mood :)
Yeah, I thought and said the same a few days ago: every single one of the early PES games (1-6) had really good points in each version. ^^
First of all, I'm really excited to see such positive response, you guys rock!
@Titch - I arrived on the football game "party" around the ISS/ISS2 days so I missed those games you mentioned, have to try them out definitely.
As for the MLs in retro PES, I've been using the default databases. I find it more interesting this way, even if you end up facing fake teams such as PES United or Alchmendolf. In the past I used to be more demanding, now I don't even care about fake clubs or fake player names, I just roll with it.
That comic is amazing, no idea it even existed! Go for it dude.

@MadbaLL - I'm creating a compilation of dozens of Master League ideas, challenges and scenarios to post here in the topic, I think that'll be a great thing to get the hype going. I'm using one of those ideas to create my ML story and post it here too.

@Orhainmalz - That's just your age on the ID, I consider every man able to love Retro-PES an old soul!

As for your purchases, every PES from 1 to 6 is a must have; and I agree completely that every single one brings different things to the table. All of them are solid simulations and are guaranteed to get you hooked.

EDIT: I had another idea: If any of you are interested, I encourage you to write your reviews of the retro-PES game you're playing. A modern perspective on these games could be helpful to convince people to play them.
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I wish I could find the backup of my latest PES 5 folder again...
I have the disc, so I know I can install it again with little to no problem, but I made a huge work on it back in the day, spending endless hours on it... Replacing every player in international selections and in Serie A with fake ones and having lots, lots of fun with a 100% fake Italian league or with a 100% fake World Cup (with me and some of my friends playing for Italy, of course).

Damn, I miss those days.
The Retro-Master League Scenario Vault
As promised, I made a compilation of a few ideas I've had over the years for you to apply to your ML saves on your retro-PES adventures, if you feel like "shaking things up" on your experience and want a new challenge.
Though it's already a long list - by far the longest compilation of ML challenges I've seen out there - I encourage you to share your own challenges for us to grow this list to astronomical proportions.
I've written a few real-life inspired scenarios to apply to your save, but also completely made-up, almost fantastical ones and a few borderline-ridiculous ones for those with a positive sense of humor. So as you can see, there's something for everybody's taste really.
If you have any question about any of the challenges, shoot it.

PART I - Reality-PES

Trust the Process: The Philadelphia 76ers shook the NBA world with their plan for the rebuild of a franchise which had been only mediocre for a decade. They accumulated draft picks like no other franchise had done in the past, trading a few of their own players for those picks in the process, in order to be able choose the best young players available in the upcoming drafts. Many thought this would be the end of the franchise, as during this process they had no stars or any well-known player in their squad mostly filled with inexperienced, fresh-out-of-college teenagers. After a few seasons of barely being able to win a quarter of the total number of games, the result is now clear: they have a team filled with talented prospects like no other NBA franchise, have reached the playoffs for the first time since the beginning of the Process and are considered to be the next NBA superpower in the coming future.

Let’s adapt it to the PES world: sell as many of your players you can in order to accumulate as much money as possible. You’ll use that money to offer contracts to a max. of 5 newgens per season. You can’t buy/loan in or out players or acquire free agents who are not newgens at the time of the contract negotiations; you can’t trade for players either.

The Basque Way: Athletic Bilbao has a policy that allows only the introduction of players from the Basque Country in their roster. Now, they’re not alone: choose a region or a country of the world and only allow players from there to join your club.

The Mourinho: José Mourinho took the job at a failing FC Porto in early 2002. Next offseason, he got rid of the most expensive contracts, kept a few of the squad’s talents and bought for cheap a few players from lesser-known Portuguese League sides such as Leiria or Marítimo. With this new squad, he won the UEFA cup in 2003 and the Champions League in 2004, which still remains as the most improbable CL win of the new millennium.

Your challenge is to rebuild your team, acquiring players only from your domestic league sides for as cheap as you can and win two European titles in your first two seasons.

The Leicester: After finishing 14th in the 14/15 Premier League, Leicester somehow won the Premier League the following season. If you’re reading this in 2030, no one has a clue how they won it, it was magic or something. Anyway, your challenge is to pick one of the 4/5 lowest-rated teams in any country and win its top division with the current roster, which means you can’t acquire or sell players at all in the first season.

The Simeone: Build your team filled with players with superb mental stats (mentality/tenacity/teamwork), even if it means acquiring players with otherwise unimpressive statsheets.

The FC Porto: Over the last decade Portuguese giants FC Porto popularized a business strategy of buying young players in foreign markets and sell for profit afterwards. Every season the club sold a couple of their best players to make way for more of those youngsters to join in and take their spot. Those same youngsters eventually became Porto's new best players and guess what, they ended up being sold to make way for…more prospects! All the while spending on transfer fees only 1/3 of the cash they received for transfer-outs.

Even so, Porto was able to win often the league and remained competitive internationally with multiple CL round-of-16 appearances and even an Europa League title.

Your challenge is:
- to sell at least two of your star players every season, making a profit in the process;
- Spend only 1/3 of the money you get by selling players every season (if you just sold a player for 30M, you can only spend 10M in transfer-fees that same off-season; but if days later you sell another for 30M you can spend another 10M then)
Part II - Scenario Challenges
The NBA franchise: Can’t buy or sell players, no loans in/out either. You can only acquire players through the free-agency (expired contracts) and through team trades. At the end of every season you can only get two newgens as your “draft picks”, there is no limit of free agents you can acquire providing they're not newly-spawned newgens.
HARD MODE: Choose a salary cap – another NBA rule. Let’s say you define a 10.000 PES points salary cap: if you end up spending 10.001 points in any given season, you’re over the salary cap and that means game over. Be careful with your trades, free agent acquisitions and contract renewals…

The “I’m buying myself a country as my birthday gift”/Eee-O-Eleven Mode: This one’s rather simple -> make money. Your sole purpose is to generate as much profit to enlarge your virtual bank account over the years. It’s up to you to define how to do it and still remain competitive enough to keep the money-making machine working over the length of your save. I’m already browsing for houses in Dubai for when Bitcoin collapses, either virtual-PES-money or PES points will be BIG!
HARD MODE: actually win trophies while you’re at it.
HARDER MODE: Set an ambitious goal, like making your first trillion.

Challenge 300: You can only have the minimum number of players allowed in a ML squad throughout the whole length of your save.

Kings Mode: You can’t buy or sell players in any way, meaning your roster will remain the same from day one until the end of the save, except if you can’t renew contracts or if players retire. When one of your players retires, you can get his regen further on if you decide so.
Loaning out players is allowed, also you can terminate or let contracts expire.
HARD MODE: You can’t loan out players and if any player leaves the club, it’s game over.

The Academy Mode: Your purpose here is to create a club whose purpose is to nurture and develop young talent to be sold afterwards. Similar to what Ajax does in real life, but here you can’t keep players over the age of 23 in your squad.
EASY MODE: you can only buy/trade for/acquire through free-agency under-21 players but can’t loan in.
HARD MODE: you can’t buy/trade for/acquire through free-agency; can only acquire as much newly-spawned newgens/regens as you want.

The Originals: In this mode, you'll be starting with the ML defaults and you can only acquire ML newgens (guys like Kaiser, Shimizu, Palmieri...). Regens are not allowed.

Generations Mode: As you start with the ML defaults, you can only acquire a newgen/regen (choosing from the "newcomers" group) when one of your players retires. Also, you can't sell or let go of any player in this save unless, of course, he retires.

Legacy of the Defaults: Same rules as Generations Mode, except that you can only acquire regens of the ML default players.

The Nationals:
There are lots of National Team players who aren't registered in clubs on every version of PES. Create a new club and choose from that pool of players to build your squad.
HARD MODE: Choose only from certain countries/continents (for example, an all-Asian team).

Rebuild Mode: Pick a team with an aging, overly-expensive and past-their-prime squad and overhaul it for the present and future. An example: Milan from the beginning of the 2010s-2018. You need to figure out how to completely transform your squad whilst still remaining competitive in the process, in order to become even more competitive in the future.

The Veteran Mode/Whole Lotta Old: If there’s something every old man agrees on, is that young people know nothing. You can only have players over the age of 30 in your squad, so you won’t have to coach Instagram-loving, selfie-addicted, and non-Led-Zeppelin fans.
HARD MODE: You’re only able to have players over the age of 35. Have you heard that new Beach Boys song?

The Deplorables Challenge: This is my favourite of them all. I’ve done countless Deplorables challenges in the past and every single one of those saves is among my all-time favourites.

Step 1 – Go to Edit Mode and search every club in the database. Choose a max. of 3 players from each team that you believe are not essential to them. You have to step in the shoes of the “manager” of each team to weed out whoever is not necessary for the present and future of the squad.

For example, Team A has 4 goalkeepers in their squad: two really good keepers, one decent and a 17-year old kid. You can’t pick any of the 2 best keepers (the supposedly first-choice and the second-choice for the role) but you also can’t pick the worst in the squad which is the young kid, because if you were manager of that team you wouldn’t want to give away your young players who’ll be good in the future. Therefore, you’ll pick the decent goalkeeper since he won’t be necessary to a team which already has two better choices and a prospect for the future.

I never choose players from teams who only have 3 goalkeepers, 4 centre-backs and 4 side-backs, 7 midfielders or 5 strikers. It’s a standard I came up with to ensure that team won’t really notice if I take their 5th best side-back or 7th best striker.
If a player fits these descriptions, add them to you list, your "pool" of prospects to choose from.

Step 2 – Depending on which PES game you’re using, after scanning the entire database you’ll have many players on your list:
EASY MODE: Pick whatever players you want for your created team. You’re bound to have a quality squad if you pay attention to “deplorables” from the best teams of the world, some of those clubs have a tendency to accumulate too many good players in their rosters.
After you start your save, you're free to buy/sell players at your will.
HARD MODE: Set limits of player attributes to your chosen players. I usually use a rule of not picking Centre-Backs nor Keepers with +75 defense attribute, also nor strikers with more than 75 attack stat. Make up your own rules, the stricter they are, the harder the setting you chose for this challenge.
HARDEST MODE: My favourite. This is Kings Mode within the Deplorables Challenge: can’t buy or sell players ever, so you have to stick with your Deplorables from day one to the end. You can only renew or terminate/let expire contracts and loan-out players.

Step 3 – Create your club and choose the players you’ll take on your journey. Depending on whether you’re on Easy, Hard or Hardest Mode you need to make some decisions: if you’re on Hardest, given you’ll keep your roster until the end of the save it’s wise to choose a lot of young players; but you’ll have to find some balance and choose some more experienced players too if you want to have short-term success as well (crucial to climb out of D2 quickly). That balance is going to be key to define the level of success of your team over the years, so I advise you to take some time to carefully analyze the problem.

Moneyball: In this mode you’re required to evaluate both your players and your potential transfer targets purely on their match stats alone, ignoring their individual attributes. Let’s say a player from a weak team was one of the five best scorers in the league - you should already be drooling heavily -, his attributes may be weak or unimpressive but you’ll surely make a bid for him. It also doesn’t matter if your DMF isn’t athletic at all, has a creepy moustache and crappy stats all over his sheet, if he makes more than 8 interceptions a game he’s a World Class DMF and you’ll surely play him always.

The Lehman Brothers: Oh no, turns out your club is bankrupt though no one saw it coming! Get rid of every contract you’re paying and replace those sold/released players with the cheapest you can find, regardless of their actual quality. Spend as little money possible on the process, or else you’ll find yourself again in the middle of a financial bubble that will burst in your face again in the coming decade! After 5 seasons, you’re able to spend whatever amount you want again.

Frugal Living: Create a new club. Scan the database and pick for your team the players with the lowest wages/lowest transfer value of them all, regardless of their quality or even their position on the pitch. You can only pick 3 players from the same club.
EASY MODE: Set a limit of salary points/money to broaden your options (just in case the 25 less valued players of the database are all goalkeepers or something like that…); for example, not choosing players worth more than 100 PES points.
HARD MODE: Never sell these players.
HARDEST MODE: Never sell these players nor acquire others throughout your journey.

Salary Cap: Choose a limit of salary expenditures per season. The tighter the budget, the harder is the challenge. If you go over the established salary cap, it's game over.
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Part III - New Brand of Football
Tactical Revolution: First, create a completely out-of-the-box tactic (maybe bring back the libero?) Then build your roster for that tactic and whatever happens, you have to stick with that same tactic for the whole length of the save no matter the circumstances.

Fluid Football: Turn your squad into either an all-defender, all-midfielder or all-attacker team, which means every single one of your players must be either a defender, midfielder or attacker – you can still have variations of each position such as having Side-backs, Centre-backs and even natural Liberos all together on your All-defender squad.
EASY MODE: In either of the All-whatever teams, you can still field natural Goalkeepers.
HARD MODE: Even the Goalkeepers must be of the same position as the remaining players, so no natural GKs allowed.
HARDEST MODE: All-goalkeeper squad.

The Box is Lava/Handball Mode: Bored with modern football, you decided to spark things up: you can’t score goals from inside the box. Can you still win even though you are the only team in the whole world using such strategy?

The Floor is Lava: Short passes? Get the hell out of here! Each player has 3 seconds on the ball before playing either a long pass or a shot on goal. The less the ball touches the ground on your play, the better you are at Floor is Lava.

30 Second Football: You guessed it, after regaining ball possession, you have 30 seconds to shoot on goal. If you realize you have been with the ball for longer than that, you have to give the ball away. Now go get that timer.
HARD MODE: shorten that 30-second shot clock.

The 1940s Mode: Tiki-taka sucks, it’s boring. What people want to see is defenders spawning long ball after long ball to the strikers. In this mode, you can’t advance with the ball possession beyond your own defensive half, so before you reach the halfway line you have to play a long pass towards the last third of the pitch. From then on you have to either cross the ball to the box or shoot it rightaway.

The American Football Mode: This is a tricky one, but one of the best suggestions in my sincere opinion. So you have the ball on your possession: pass it or run with it.

Chose to pass the ball? - After the player receives your pass, he can run with the ball, shoot it but not pass it again.

If any of your players headers the ball, the play resets and after the header you can still pass the ball/run with it/shoot it just as you have done in the very beginning of your possession.

Chose to run with the ball? - Just like in the NFL, you can run with the ball as long as you like when you’re the man in charge of beginning the play. If you do run with the ball and then pass it to a teammate, he can run with the ball too but a pass can’t be made anymore on this play.

The play is reset after either a header from a player of yours, after winning back the ball possession or after your goalkeeper touches the ball.

The GK’s actions don’t count, so when he passes the ball, the play only begins after another of your players touches the ball – if he headers it, as you already know, the play is reset so the play officially hasn’t begun yet.

EASY MODE: You can play 4 passes during the length of the play to make your goalscoring attempt; after every pass you’re allowed to run with the ball. Failing to have a chance at goal after the 4th pass, you have to get rid of the ball.

Rugby Mode: Here’s a simpler one: you can’t pass the ball forward, only laterally or backwards.
Part IV: Other Challenges
The Defaults: If there's a group of players that will be forever remembered even after PES is gone, the Master League Default players are certainly included in that pack. Your challenge is to lead the original squad of defaults to glory, meaning you can't buy/sell players. You can still terminate or let contracts expire, but the more players you let go the less brilliant your The Defaults journey will be in the end.

Coach Mode: In this mode, you let the CPU control the players on the pitch, while you are the Coach who takes care of strategies, tactics and substitutions. You’re able to renew contracts and sell players but you have to acquire the players recommended by your scout/scouts.

Total Manager Mode: Same as Coach Mode, the only difference is that you’re allowed to acquire whatever players you desire.

CPU Co-op Challenge: You play the game in cooperation with one CPU player. You can take care of strategies, substitutions and lineup. You can buy every player you want, since this is a very hard challenge. This challenge is only available on PES 3/4/5/6.

The Solo: Not every PES player knows this, but there’s an option that allows you to play a match controlling only one player of your team instead of the whole 11, outside the Become a Legend game mode (such an option already existed on PES games before BaL was even invented yet). Play a Master League and use whatever player you want to control on every match.
EASY MODE: On fixture 1 of my league I played with my Goalkeeper. On fixture 2, used my right-back until halftime, then I decided to control my left-winger until the end of the game. You’re free to control whoever you want whenever you want.
HARD MODE: Choose one player and stick with him for the whole length of the season.

The Fairplay Challenge:
If your player gets booked (yellow/red card) you must terminate his contract.

The Name Game:
Only buy players whose names start with the same letter.

The Same Game:
Build a team whose players display equal characteristics such as same height, weight, only right/left-footers, age or any other particular attribute such as a particular stat.

The Moustache: Assign every player of yours a moustache. Yep, that’s it.

The Iron Man: Choose any team you want. The only rule of this mode is, you can’t lose an official match. Your save will go on as long as you accumulate wins and draws, but if you lose that’s game over. How long can you last?

The “PES is too easy for me”: Go to Edit Mode, assign every player on the team of your choosing the value “1” for each attribute, reduce their heights to the minimum and the weight to the max. Win matches and silverware. After doing so, go play actual football outside or something, you just beat the whole PES series. Congratulations, you’re free.
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This has been a very interesting read, man. Lots of great ideas (one of which, the Rebuild one, was the one I was trying to do with my Cunturipa PES 2017 save).
I wish I had the time (and the will) to commit to a Master League again... :(
I remember playing as one player. They kept subbing me for no reason!
Letting the CPU play would be interesting. However, I think using the default ML team it would be game over very quickly. I just don't think they would pick up enough points to pay the wage bill.
Might try keeping default team without buying anyone.
@*aLe: Appreciated dude. I too have problems with that, been scanning the database for a new Deplorables Challenge and still haven't even written any name on the "pool" of players to choose from. It's been a week and I'm just browsing players, it's ridiculous...but in the end it's worth it. It's actually more satisfying to me than playing multiple ML matches a day like I used to do years ago, seasons went by too fast and it all felt rushed.

@Titch: How could I forget to add that challenge of using the Defaults? Rookie mistake really. Adding it up to the list now.
EDIT: Also added an "Originals" challenge, where you have to start with the ML defaults and can only acquire newgens.
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Ah damn it. I'm currently missing that from my collection, only have it for the PS1. How do you find the gameplay comparing to PES2?
I'm about to try WE9LE for the first time today. I still have myncopt of PES6 on the PS2 and had a copy of PES5 on the PC and I always preferred PES5.

PES6 has some great patches out there but PES5 for me was better, i only very recently heard about WE9LE and apparently it's supposed to be an updated better version of PES5? Has anyone ever played it and agree?

Anyway I found one of Sany's installers on he fornkt patched up but with an original option file. If it goes well I will track down an updated OF/patch for it, hopefully there's one aout
WE9LE is a sublime game in multiplayer, not quite so in singleplayer IMO. The Cpu really struggles to create chances.
WE9LE is a sublime game in multiplayer, not quite so in singleplayer IMO. The Cpu really struggles to create chances.
Interesting. I will play on the highest difficulty and compare with PES6 and see what I prefer. The PES6 gameplay is slightly too fast and arcadey for my liking
Rugby Mode: Here’s a simpler one: you can’t pass the ball forward, only laterally or backwards.

Half the full backs in the Premier League are playing this I think!

A variation of this is also played these days. It's where if a team who have come to park the bus have a throw-in in the opponent's final third they must work it back to their keeper. :BORED:

The Moustache: Assign every player of yours a moustache. Yep, that’s it.

This one's best played with a 70's option file :LOL:

Some great ideas there
Maybe you could only buy players with the letter A as their surname or all left footed players. There are so many things you could try :)
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