PES 2017 - PC Version Discussion Thread


This modded dt18 I've been using seems to have nerfed shooting power a bit. Honestly I'm fine with it as it's keeping scores lower. Very physical 'friendly' against the Italians. Locatelli got sent off. Probably shouldn't have been the only one. Felt more like a rivalry match than a friendly.

Top player. -2 game speed. 20 minutes. Fixed cursor ML.
Hi Guys. Just got a my 1st gaming pc and managed to get hold of pes 17. Is there any option files for kits/logos etc. I'm only used to doing them on the console so don't have a clue whereto look or what to do šŸ˜
@Swanee I personally use Smoke Patch! :TU:

There are many versions. I personally recommend using either V3 or V4 with their respective updates!
But if you want something closer to the original season (as both versions above are for the 2021 season), you can try this version, although it might have some bugs (never tried it myself, but the other versions say they have bug updates and fixes).

I played several seasons with V3 and no problems!
Forgot to mention, the website also has commentaries, stadium packs, chants, and more add-ons!
Pretty easy to navigate (all the links are on the top bar)

I've also found this website useful to bypass their linkvertise ad links:

Let me know if you have any questions. Welcome to PES 2017 PC! :TU:
So I've tried this pes 2017 again on xbox. Loaded my old save with SL Benfica and played on manual passing. At the beggining I admit it was weird getting back from pes 2021. But now I can't stop playing, and I've realised that it has been more than 15 matches since I last screamed at the TV, frustrated lol.

This game feels way more responsive to my comands, way more realistic. Dribling does actually make in impact, and it feels so, SO less scripted!
Ok there's some minor things like te stamina system, or the somewhat robotic movement sometimes, but at the same time it looks so natural, so "possible"... And mainly, matches are diferent! CPU is way more balanced, and human like, way more than the 2021 version. To be honest, it looks like I only loved 2021 because of it's look, and animations here and there, and the pace is also pretty much nailed... but the repetitive gameplay, the referees, the boring CPU... I think I won't be playing 2021 for a good while.
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