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Hey guys! Wanted to share a few really cool mods I've found browsing around!

As some of you might know, PES 2017 is my favorite football game of all time. :) I've had so much fun playing it, and I've always said that it's the only PES that I play without any gameplay mods.

But lo-and-behold, I've actually found a gameplay mod that I've really enjoyed courtesy of gamingwithtr! :TU:

For those of you who are not familiar with gamingwithtr, he has a lot of mods (including PES 2017 and other editions) that are really well done.. graphics, gameplay, many options are available on his website!

Personally, I've always found PES 2017's gameplay to be amazing. But there are two issues which stood out for me:
- Crosses are a bit overpowered!
- PA1 (my setting of choice, although I have been experimenting with PA0) doesn't produce enough passing errors!

This gameplay mod addresses both things! Crosses are no longer overpowered, and PA1 features many more passing errors and interceptions! What is cool about this mod is that it retains the spirit of PES 2017 gameplay that I so love, but it adds little things here and there that improve it! The pacing is more realistic, the CPU intelligence is improved, and the above mentioned issues are well dealt with! I see it not as an overhaul, but slight tweaks on a brilliant game!

In addition to the gameplay mod, I've been playing my latest Master League campaign with a few other mods, also courtesy of gamingwiithtr!
- I've found this lighting mod to be really good!
- I've also added his crowd graphics improver
- New skin textures

If gamingwithtr ever reads this, I'd like to congratulate him on an awesome job with all the mods which he constantly updates! :BSCARF:
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Been a few months since I've played anything footy related and well this wasn't exactly the welcome return I would have liked. 2 things the AI struggles with defensively are long balls and 2 striker formations. Monaco had both and there's only so much I can do playing fixed cursor. Laser guided long balls and Volland playing like a prime Drogba and Ibrahimovic combined meant this was a frustrating one. Neither goalie had a good nice night as you can see. That was the only saving grace for me.


What's funny is right before this I completely dominated Spurs to the point I considered bumping up the difficulty to Superstar lol.
Hey guys! I'd like to share a gameplay that I've been enjoying a lot! It's basically the same vanilla PES 2017 .exe but with more passing errors, custom made by none other than Sensei @Holland! :TU:(posted here with his permission!) Thanks a lot for this gameplay, my friend! :BSCARF:

Download Link

I'm mostly a PA1 player in PES 2017, and I wanted to have a gameplay which featured more errors in the matches! Even though I love PES 2017 vanilla gameplay, I think this is a cool feature that Sensei Holland made, makes the games more realistic and featuring more randomness, which I think really adds to the fun! :)

You can try playing this in combination with vanilla dt18 and it works great! Personally, I am playing with this dt18, which I posted just above! I've really enjoyed games in my ML with this combo! :TU:

Instructions: Back up your vanilla exe and dt18 and install the preferred mods in the corresponding folders! I would advice against verifying steam files, (I had to reinstall my complete patch when I did this, so backing up/replacing your .exe and/or should do the trick).
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I think it's possible, i tried to use matchest.lua from PES 2021, it works to force subs to 4 though

Quick question, did you have to do anything in order to get the 4? Just copying it over didn't seem to work for me as I'm still just getting 3 subs.
Hey, guys does anyone still has this mod by black gamer, can't seem to find anywhere. I can also make do with any similar mods especially for player sweats and lightning IMG_20231220_165152.jpgIMG_20231220_165218.jpg
I know, it's got a lot of ads, but gamingwithtr actually says in his website to respect the link shorteners, as it is his source of maintaining his website I believe, so that's why it's not allowed to be reposted..

It takes a while, but going through the downloads is kinda like a 5-minute process.
5 minutes ! what a bonkers

Remember folks install Ublock Origin in your browser. For FireFox or Chrome. It's one of the main thing i've ever do everytime i reinstall new OS.
I know, it's got a lot of ads, but gamingwithtr actually says in his website to respect the link shorteners, as it is his source of maintaining his website I believe, so that's why it's not allowed to be reposted..

It takes a while, but going through the downloads is kinda like a 5-minute process.

Oh I get that completely. I just have a trust issues with the internet lol
I downloaded it from his website and personally, I haven't had any issues, I installed ABP blocker and went through the link shorteners, so it shouldn't be too hard.
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Guys, in my latest ML save, PES 2017 (PC version) is crashing on the first day of the midseason transfer window. Has this happened to any of you, and do you know of any possible solution? Thanks a lot in advance, I would really like to solve this since I am very involved in this story. Any help would be much appreciated.

PS: BTW, I played 4-5 seasons of a previous save with a different team and this crash never occurred, which is why this is quite confusing..
Interesting because I've been having issues with my game after installing a thing to increase the number of subs to 5. I'm thinking of reinstalling everything and just sticking with vanilla at this point
I've played some matches recently, first I've really played consistently over a few days in some months. I've had some great matches in my fixed cursor United ML; beating 10 man City 3-2 away, coming back 2-1 away at Leicester City, and annihilating Liverpool at Anfield 5-0. All 5 goals scored in the first half, and 4 of them being counter attacks against Klopp's aggressive high press. Those matches, even the Liverpool one, were tense and ultimately felt rewarding. They also were lost as, for some reason, my game has been freezing and crashing recently and making me consider reinstalling the whole thing.

Just got done playing a match against Burnley. Felt like they were more concerned with trying to stop me from playing than trying to play themselves. The 19 fouls tells you how this match went lol.


Top player. 20 minutes. -2 game speed. Fixed cursor. I tried a dt18 that millossobek mentioned previously (realistic gameplay by pesnewupdate). I'm curious if any really make a difference.

Something I've always enjoyed about this game is that I can occasionally sit back and just watch my teammates do their thing. Insane pass from Antony to Rashford here:

Antony had a big game with 3 assists.

I genuinely think my favorite thing in this game is knuckle ball free kicks:

Nothing more satisfying that seeing a keeper not even get a chance to react to the free kick.

Burnley played like a team that knew they'd been embarrassed. 19 fouls. Multiple yellow cards. And 2 red cards in stoppage time. Frustration certainly got the better of them.

Quick note on the dt, could be placebo/all in my head but matches like this make me want to give super star a go. Only to play super star and be reminded why I stick to top player lol. I've always felt like my player just feels more....sluggish on super star. But that too could be all in my head.
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