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Just found this camera tool which apparently gives you the option to have the "broadcast" setting among your camera options:

Downloaded the file but it needs me to replace my PES2017.exe file (which is a true one, from steam)... Kind of scared to do that and lose my PES version + editing. Does anyone know if the provider is safe ? If I can actually replace the file without worrying 😬
Had one game on a pretty new ML i started af ew months back but not really played, still one of my favourite pes games, maybe even the favourite one.
Only thing stopping me is my PES 2013 ML
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Does the steam release require internet connection to play? It has denuvo protection from what I've seen
The STEAM version, needs internet until you get past the first screens. IIRC up to PRESS ANY BUTTON. From there and onwards, you don't need Internet Connection.
As for the mods..some of them are uploaded on my(that) channel and more to come.....

The graphics mod is coming on really well i'll be updating update you guys..
The STEAM version, needs internet until you get past the first screens. IIRC up to PRESS ANY BUTTON. From there and onwards, you don't need Internet Connection.
Wow it's going to be hard to preserve pes 17 on PC due to its denuvo drm and always using internet connection


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For all of us PES 2017 enthusiasts, I just found a very nice gameplay mod by PESNewUpdate (all credits go to original creator)

The download link is here. (Found it on google). It is a dt18.

I have also re-uploaded it to mediafire, for those of you who prefer this method. :)

This mod makes the ball heavier and changes some defensive aspects, but retains most of the excellent PES 2017 gameplay. The changes in ball weight alter the ball physics significantly, making the passes very enjoyable. The only issue with it, in my opinion, seems to be that shots are a bit underpowered (I tried using avok's gameplay editor but it doesn't support PES 2017).

I'd like to see if this gameplay mod can further be changed (particularly shot power), or if you guys think it's great the way it is. It'd be awesome if anyone could test it.

I'd love to hear opinions! Thanks. :)
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This post might be interesting to you guys! I have recently found that in PES 2017, I think that PA0 plays more llike PA 0.5, only in this edition, kind of an intermediate pass setting! (which is something that I've always found quite fun). I will link to the post for those who are interested!
Hello good people, does anyone has a graphics mod and patch for the current season or working links for the first one at least?
Is there a good patch for the 23/24 season? I'm not looking for anything crazy, just a patch that updates the kits and the rosters to the current season. I don't really care about having dozens of stadiums or stuff like that.
Thank you very much.
Greetings, I have been using Smokepatch for PES 2017 and I like it, but I do want to get into other patches like the 22/23 season or even classical football seasons like in the early 2010's. (World Cup)
anyone with the steam release, pls could you upload your pes 17 exe. please if you can please do. mine got deleted by smokepatch by accident
You can always verify your game files on steam to recover the .exe, and reinstall smoke patch.. (I would make a backup of my saves just in case first)
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Guys, I'm looking for a tool or method to increase PES 2017's player retirement age.. Is this possible (also perhaps change his development curve)? I would like to start an eventual ML with a 30+ older player and I wouldn't want him to retire after a few seasons.. Maybe a long-shot but perhaps something can be done about this? Thanks.
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