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27 April 2002
Me nots have a PS3. And, to be honest, I haven't touched any PES in over ~a year now.

Editing brings back great memories, though. I remember finding this site when it was still fresh and juicy. Can't quite remember what it was that I was searching for specifically, though. Guess it was about the whole Winning Eleven matter in general which then lead me to editing pretty soon. Putting in edited background music for the main menu through converting shit into .adx files and literally wasting hundreds of coasters just became my thang when my user name was still "Kezz". God, who doesn't remember "Mas que nada"? Winning Eleven is still the #1 thing I think of when accidentally stumbling upon this song.

Some time after that we assembled our team of highly qualified members to build the famous Option Files. And I can't remember shit who was all part of it. I only remember Antiz (!!!!), Coopz and Zyg who was alwasy busy converting the files into some weird formats (X-Port, Max Drive etc...). There was also one finnish guy who was a superbrain when it came to team formations. Jukka? Jukko? And probably several guys more I simply forgot ever existed. Like Jeff T. You guys still remember those? Or Elite? The crazy guy from the Netherlands who must have been the biggest warez dude to ever walk planet earth with all his FTP site stuff? I invented the "Turban channel" on IRC with Coopz, Dar and Mart only to be able to talk about the GAME and not how to get my hands on a warez version with Elite's "help".

Still, about the Option Files. Only memory I was able to dig up just now is this:


and this

http://www.evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=13638 (the links in the second reply still freakin' work, that's gotta be a miracle!)

I've put like a million hours into all these files, always striving for perfection. Heck, even the gaps between the letters of a player's name on the back of his kit had to be perfectly aligned. I was INSANELY OBSESSED!

Time's changed very much since then. I grew older and changed my name into "Tom", got tired of editing and instead put my efforts into keeping this site what it once was, and beyond. I think that's worked out just fine. Even though I'm not a regular poster anymore (except for our invisible staff area) and converted into a FIFA player (bah!), I'm still very alive, watching and acting.

Cheers to all of you guys for still making this my #1 non-german site on the interwebs. Ten years and counting...

The good old days :)

Not long ago i was trying to find the option file which i did the flags for to see what they looked like now

I remember them being great at the time as it was a very very basic in game editor for them. I wonder how bad they look now :LOL:

Mart got me the file but i couldn't find a PC program to open it unfortunately


2 August 2004
Oh man, Tom (Kezz I remember that! lol with Vinny Jones avatar I think), you just brought back a million memories for me with that post!!

I remember those days and that elite guy lol, good guy. Dar, Zygi, Finnish guy I think you were talking about was Delperio (Mostly active on PESfan?!)

And yeah times have definitely changed. All of us have grown, matured and gotten over our teenage obsessions lol. And gotten a life. :P


28 May 2003
Tottenham Hotspur
I've broken my habit of only posting when the new pro comes out, by entering this thread. This site has provided me with option files, patches and a good read for so long now, think i might have spent more time reading about football games them playing them over the last couple of years though.....hopefully that'll change this year.

May 2003, didn't even realise...the days of Chris Davis and WE7i
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18 March 2003
Wow, over 8 years already... and it looks like I've finally lost all my powers! Gnah!

Nice to see there are still many familiar faces around here. Look how old we have all become, no more spending half the day reading through the forums it seems.

Live long and prosper evo-web, let's hope PES 2012 finally is the game we've all been anticipating for so long!


15 April 2003
Wow, over 8 years already... and it looks like I've finally lost all my powers! Gnah!

Nice to see there are still many familiar faces around here. Look how old we have all become, no more spending half the day reading through the forums it seems.

Live long and prosper evo-web, let's hope PES 2012 finally is the game we've all been anticipating for so long!

Mate, I've always loved your posts. And I can't help but stare at your avatar for minutes every time.

I think this forum was the best when we had those personalities in the off-topic section. Some seriously funny fuckers like gunnerglory, CosaNostra (later Kilgore Trout) and the absurdist Dutch guy Joost.

Seemed to coincide with the amazing, unselfish editing community we had to.

Gaming was so different back then. PES is one of the last games where you had to actively seek out the nuances and how to play the game to perfection. It's still like that to some degree I suspect, but games are definitely much more mainstream now.

In a way a good thing, but the amount of added value this forum gave to the football gaming experience was, really, pretty immense. I mean, who could forget the painstaking work ThomasGOAL put into screens threads and mining all the latest information from obscure Japanese publications? Haha, it was absurd. Poor guy used to get a lot of abuse too from some people. To which he'd always reply in a broken English defense...and likely a new screen of 'WE7: J-League edition' he'd just found.

Just remembered when Chris Davies (Jack Bauer) had a thread about him losing his virginity? God, that was a laugh.

I didn't post much, and a few who didn't, but always caught my attention when they did, were two guys from the USA: Ghazi and eatonj (the one with the C&H avatar). Ghazi's story of how the Japanese commentator (forgetting his name right now) pronouncing Curro Torres is still firmly in my memory.
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26 June 2003
Damn, must join in the party!!

The mentioning of familiar names brings a smile to my face!!

I'm one of those long time lurkers too. Got to this site via classicD's KCET's finest. Does he ever post anymore??

Stopped visiting this forum actively after being disillusioned with the Winning Eleven series ever since WE10. But it seems like WE2012 will be my rebirth.

Guys, for those who are still playing PES/WE 2012, I just realized that tapping R2 is actually the standing tackle button of old!!!!! It's much more effective than pressing/releasing just X or R2+x jockey. It's much more satisfying!


5 May 2003
I've popped back to this site for the first time in years, out of curiosity. I used the site from 2003 to 2005 to download patches for the PC versions of PES 3 and 4. I remember many of the members that have been mentioned. I thought TheWolf's patch for PES4 was excellent. I seem to recall that, soon after one of his major releases, he announced he would be quitting not just the patching scene but the website community completely due to him feeling that his work was not being properly appreciated... only to return a few weeks later.

P.S. Tom the Admin: Your written English is excellent - in fact, it is indistinguishable from that of a native!
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