Evo-Web is 20 Years Old!


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21 February 2003
Yeah I'm not sure why he doesn't post here at all. But he seems really happy now with his job and lady friend, so that is nice :))

Whoa whoa whoa.... hold on a sec there. Chris, is.... content?! :SHOCK:

But what will he talk about now?! :P


2 August 2004
Hahahaa and when you consider how many of them are like page long rather than one liners... :LOL:


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19 August 2003
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I think I remember you Inter_211! :) lol

And I agree with your idea!!

Lami, how many do I have? Lol I wanna see how much time I've wasted here. :P

Haha yeah, I still have some of your PMs lol, dates back to 2005, stuff about your stats thread :D


Interista - 665.

Clearly whows who the E-W whore is out of the two of you.

I think maybe 200 or so are from the predicts lol :D


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
Haha yeah, I still have some of your PMs lol, dates back to 2005, stuff about your stats thread :D

wow when I first joined, delperio was releasing a beta of his OF, I didn't know how to post so I sent him a PM, that I still have it :)

'05 was THE years of PES scene...

There are loads of other members that I miss, remember Jumbo_? :P
Abhishek, denirobob, Glavisted, Jack Bauer, miguel, marukomu, dermot! etc...

Its good to remind the old days, but we are important now cause we are keeping it alive. (I'm talking about me & the chatbox lads, which you are not included Mr.Gab_)


2 August 2004
Yeah I really miss denirobob and Abhishek!

Joost (Dutch guy) was funny as hell! :LOL:

Glavisted at least seems to post now and then...


9 January 2002
............and i think this site came up with fd or classic d commenting about how great we 7 was.

I'll let CD take the blame for bringing you here!! :P

Some great memories from yonder year. Ahhh Zico, my Scottish friend, he was mental. The Dutch boys were awesome, still speak with Joost and Jonas (Cosanostra) via facebook, pair of lovely guys. Dermot too on FB, very funny (Gunnerglory) and Cal-Neva, what a hilarious lad he was..................Kofi Anan!! :WORSHIP: Also my Scandinavian friend Zebula77 (friend on FB too), we had a Star Wars thread of our own. :SMUG: MJ as well, mind you he was getting banned all over the place. :p

And do remember the great chats about 'hidden gems' and 'red mist'.

Also the Scottish/English threads were hilarious with plenty of banter, there was some guy that left the site because of me, can't mind his name but seemed quite a bright guy, but a bit screw-loose too, can't mind the name. Also Daz I believe his name was who had a bit of banter with over the border stuff. Watty from Scotland (Perth) would also be in there throwing banter about.

One classic thread was one by Eatonj, about wiping your ass!!! :WORSHIP: Feckin hilarious!

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21 April 2002
Im putting my name foward for Evo-webs longest serving lurker. just cant be arsed with small talk....

this site was at its best in PS2, PES/WE Patching days before FIFA got its own message board. never would have happend when all this was fields.....

anyway I think now PES is getting better again these boards will again be the 'go to guy' for PES lovers
21 April 2002
Agreed, over the last 4 years the PES forum has been dead by january. but that changed last year after PES2011. the chat kept going all year and more importantly... the ON TOPIC chatter.thats because 2011 was a good game. hopefully this will build from here and after this years game there will be no need for a FIFA forum once again... I may be biased.


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20 February 2006
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wow I havent been here nearly as long but still feels like a hell lot of time since I joined... great place :WORSHIP:


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21 June 2007
i´m just a short time here compared to most of you guys..but it´s a great forum that many people not even playing pes visit a lot after they stop playing it.. i myself have less and less time for the game..but it´s nice community here.. happy B-Day evo-web! :DRUNK:


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6 October 2001
So many people have come and gone over the years, its tough trying to remember them all.

Our forums first creator Socket Monster needs a mention in here as he was the one who started this and brought me onboard so many years ago now. He now has a life so no longer visits


12 December 2001
Sons, I am disappoint. How come nobody seems to remember our great Evo-Web Option Files?


19 December 2002
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AC Milan
No, seriously, bring them back. Seems to be a lack of attention on PS3 so I'm having to do them myself.

I think the days of editing will never be the same again, especially with next-gen. During the PS2 era, editing was fucking mental. Even Tim and I were editors!


12 December 2001
Me nots have a PS3. And, to be honest, I haven't touched any PES in over ~a year now.

Editing brings back great memories, though. I remember finding this site when it was still fresh and juicy. Can't quite remember what it was that I was searching for specifically, though. Guess it was about the whole Winning Eleven matter in general which then lead me to editing pretty soon. Putting in edited background music for the main menu through converting shit into .adx files and literally wasting hundreds of coasters just became my thang when my user name was still "Kezz". God, who doesn't remember "Mas que nada"? Winning Eleven is still the #1 thing I think of when accidentally stumbling upon this song.

Some time after that we assembled our team of highly qualified members to build the famous Option Files. And I can't remember shit who was all part of it. I only remember Antiz (!!!!), Coopz and Zyg who was alwasy busy converting the files into some weird formats (X-Port, Max Drive etc...). There was also one finnish guy who was a superbrain when it came to team formations. Jukka? Jukko? And probably several guys more I simply forgot ever existed. Like Jeff T. You guys still remember those? Or Elite? The crazy guy from the Netherlands who must have been the biggest warez dude to ever walk planet earth with all his FTP site stuff? I invented the "Turban channel" on IRC with Coopz, Dar and Mart only to be able to talk about the GAME and not how to get my hands on a warez version with Elite's "help".

Still, about the Option Files. Only memory I was able to dig up just now is this:


and this

http://www.evo-web.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=13638 (the links in the second reply still freakin' work, that's gotta be a miracle!)

I've put like a million hours into all these files, always striving for perfection. Heck, even the gaps between the letters of a player's name on the back of his kit had to be perfectly aligned. I was INSANELY OBSESSED!

Time's changed very much since then. I grew older and changed my name into "Tom", got tired of editing and instead put my efforts into keeping this site what it once was, and beyond. I think that's worked out just fine. Even though I'm not a regular poster anymore (except for our invisible staff area) and converted into a FIFA player (bah!), I'm still very alive, watching and acting.

Cheers to all of you guys for still making this my #1 non-german site on the interwebs. Ten years and counting...
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