What is something you Can't get enough of?


Champions League
11 September 2006

This website. Most of the commentary is in Spanish. It's a great repository for classic matches, the best imo. :)
Man that's a FANTASTIC website, no idea something like this existed. Some year and half back youtube deleted a channel I used to watch that hosted classic derby games of my team (Lazio), so nice to be able to see those and many "new" others again!


Copa Libertadores
19 December 2020
South America
Millonarios FC
I am binge watching Seoul E-Land's inaugural full season matches in 2015 in K-League Challenge (2nd division of K-League!) I love this playlist because the results are not shown in the title of the video, so it's like I'm following a live season. :) :TU:



*Help available in future updates
18 August 2018
School runs, work, morning meetings, shopping, dogs..
Not to play Hell Let Loose, I swear... :LOL:
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