The 'Things That Are Great' Thread


28 September 2010
I actually like spiders & I always imagine seeing a massive one would be so cool .. but that elevator one would've had me fucked up too :LOL:
Believe me dude, it is not that cool. I love also spiders, but around 17 years ago, i saw one and was terrified.

I was located alone in an apartment of a friend of mine, he lend me the keys.

I was in my first year undergraduate student in university.

After a freaking alcoholic night, i woke up with a terrible hangover, sleeping on the floor for some reason, and wearing only my underpants, don't ask why or more questions here. :P

The first 2~3 times i tried to wake up, i saw a huge spider, it had the size of a gamepad, crawling behing the window curtain. It was 30cm away of my head.

(i swear I've never seen againnthat big spider here in Greece, and such big spider are habitats in my country's fauna)

In the beginning i thought i am just still drunk, so i fainted again.

After it got midday, and the sun was unbearable, it was Greek Summer Sun, i woke up and spotted that the spider was real, and it was standing there, staring at me all the time.

I got up screaming and searching forna sweeper to hunt it down. I was terrorised as heck, almost shitted my pants.

I ended up hunting it to the balcony, were it just crawled tonthe below appartement.

Imagine the people of the around appartements, what would they think, watching a stranger in another houses balcony, screaming almost nude, holdimg a sweep, and don't know what he is all about!!

I assume they would though "oh those crazy students again are partying"
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27 July 2018
Believe me dude, it is not that cool. I love also spiders, but around 17 years ago,binsaw one and was terrified.

:LMAO:Sounds like a fun time. Poor misunderstood spiders though, imagine it from their perspective,

Slamsoze - walks in like zombie & crashes onto bed..
Spider: "oh wow a new human friend! .. i'll just let him sleep, he looks tired"
After 6 hours of peaceful sleep, Slamsoze wakes up ..
"FF#@$&^%#@ RE !"
Spider: "Bro chill, I didn't even do anything!!?"

@Chris Davies - I love that they have a chant ready to sing instantly :LOL:


15 December 2011
Eventually went for the great thread instead of the piss off one mainly because it made me laugh.

Went to go on a site I hadn't been on in a while. Log in... hmm what the hell was my password, 2 or 3 attempts, nope ok hit forgot password. Receive email, click on link. Type in your new password. Ok let's see... type it in. "You can't use the same password you've used before." Ah, that was the password then! :LMAO:


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6 August 2021
I like Phys Ed, but we always had this grumpy old beanbag of a person as our teacher (Not gonna say his name). He retired today! And we have a good Phys Ed teacher now! So yeah, that's great.


15 December 2011
@Flipper the Priest Great news! One of my mates once had a cat decide to move in. Every few days he'd appear and make himself at home for a few days before disappearing and then coming back. He never did find out whose cat he was but assumed it was someone in his road :LOL:


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25 August 2006
Girlfriend away til tmw night , daughter at her mom's house.
Me setting up my 360 in the bedroom ,my Series S in my daughter's room ,and my one X in the living room.
Think I'll do some gaming tonight.


15 December 2011
Hard fought 1-0 away wins whilst surviving 6 added minutes, a missed penalty, two shots against the woodwork and a ten minute aerial bombardment at the end. Get in!
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