The 'Things That Are Great' Thread

Flipper the Priest

15 July 2003
Continuing the Champions League theme, the BT Sport Goals Show is great. Especially for someone like me, who doesn't care enough to watch any one game. All the goals and the context, and not an ill-informed, bumbling ex-professional in sight.


League 2
27 July 2018
İnegöl is a pretty funny place :)) While searching for more news on this, I found this ..

Same town, 3 days ago.. guy gets pulled over & blows the limit of the breathalyzer machine 4.25 p ..
Then while he is asking for forgiveness & help getting home, he says he is so sorry he will pay the fine right there!
So he thinks the breathlyzer somehow turned into an eftpos machine & is seen swiping his card :LMAO:



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14 December 2006

One of my all-time favourite drunken antics stories:

The quote at the end is killer. Amen, brother.
"We were drinking and what doesn't happen when you're drunk?" A great slogan there for anti drink campaigners. :LOL:

Also the boozy blade merchant, who was a so called "Watchman". Needed to take a hint from his title. He should have watched what he was drinking. Watched his temper. Now he could be watching life from a cell. :LOL:


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25 August 2006
Unpopular opinion: it all goes pear-shaped after season one because of Frank.

Guy at my work almost swung for me when I said that. 😄
Frank is colourful to say the least.
Binged season one today ,one thing though ,if these guys were friend or in my vicinity ,I'd fucking punch all of them.
Man they're exhausting.
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