The 'Things That Are Great' Thread


15 December 2011
Gavin Bazunu. Got him on loan from Man City. What a keeper for a 19yr old. 8 games into the season and he's already won us (or rather saved us) a few points and from being about 10 goal difference worse off!
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Flipper the Priest

15 July 2003
Bit of a twisted one, but how good is that first hit of decent, wholesome food or drink after you've been feeling shit or eating shit or drinking shit?

The ultimate example for me is a heavy day on the booze. An away day or something, drinking for about 16 hours. The next day when you have some water or fruit juice or even a fizzy drink. You can feel your mind and body having a party, thanking you for it.

In my sobriety I think I miss that glorious moment of recovery more than I do the drinking. That's the feeling they need to bottle.


15 December 2011
I imagine you had similar when you got your sense of taste and smell back @Flipper the Priest , assuming you have of course!

Oh and have you heard of Ryan Hardie before? I believe he started at Rangers as a teenager, he's playing for Plymouth at the moment and looked a really good player last night, finished his goals really well and was a constant threat with his running in behind.


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25 May 2003
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@PRO_TOO You're smaller than I imagined.
just that you have a comparison... pal!

this is me playing games on PS5!
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