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I think i just found the fix for it.
@MTS and all others please try this:

What i did:
In the "Scripts_UserOptions_Options_Graphics" File you got these lines in the low and medium preset:

ClothSystem.ClientClothForceSkinned true
WarpClothSystem.WarpClothEnabled False

In the high and ultra preset you got these lines instead:

ClothSystem.ClientClothForceSkinned false
#Only have cloth rend side run on max four job cores
ClothSystem.ClientClothWorldThreadCount 8

WarpClothSystem.WarpClothEnabled True

So i just used the lines of the low and medium Preset and replaced the lines of high and ultra with them. Now its pretty smooth to me. Even when i pause the game its now very fluid for me. Before i had little stutters when i paused the game. So the whole time it was the clothes.

For all the modders who charge money for their stuff:
If any of you "Fu**ing greedy Patreon Modders" use this in one of your patches, then write my name in the credits and go F**k yourself.
Mods should always be free.
I am from Argentina and as you will see the games are not cheap at all and on top of that paying for a mod is unbelievable, but well they will have their reasons for me you would have to have a type of donation without forcing you to buy the mod. Thank you, I love you very much, you achieved something that EA FC would not have even bothered to do.
I updated my Camera Zoom mod after the latest update. Most cameras can be zoomed now not just the tactical/co-op as per my first version.

6/10/23 Update - accidently linked to the project file instead of the mod file, link now updated

A few people seem to have troubles with camera mods so I'll try to give some tips. Please note I've only really started modding so I'm figuring things out as I go as well.

* I run FMT as admin
* I have Pauls gameplay file in my mod list. a) because it's a great mod, b) because it changes the splash screen (has a V before the FIFA logo) so I know mods are loading on boot up
* I have FIFA/FMT and my mod folders listed as exceptions on my antivirus.
* I still manually added -dataPath ModData to EA FC 24's game properties in the EA App
* If you zoom out to far and your graphics card can't handle it it might seem stuttery, this is normal. I run a 4090/i7-3700k/64gb ddr5 so I can brute force my way to smooth gameplay but rendering more of the pitch with a zoomed out cam can cause microstutters.

Here's an in game pic from the new update showing it still does work correctly;
View attachment 239418

Here's the parameter I'm changing in FMT if you want to tinker for yourself, I'll still update this mod as a I go and update when I can but I'm away for work a lot so might not get to it straight away if any new EA update breaks it;
View attachment 239419
View attachment 239420

Lastly a massive thanks to Paul for all his hard work for this tool, his mods and everything he does for this community. Needless to say if guys like him didn't do what they do and the only option was to play this game Vanilla, I would have stopped playing a long time ago!
this is only for zoom or also hight?
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