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FC 24 with Intel XESS activated 😅

AMD FSR2 is crashing instantly unfortunately.
DLSS is starting, but there are no changes because there are no files for it in the game. If i put the files manually in the folder it changes nothing. Its just not coded in the exe file.
FSR1 is working perfectly, but FSR1 is not that good. Even on the highest setting (Ultra Quality) its not looking good, but i get a FPS boost about 10% on my 3080 12Gb.
There is also a Bilinear Upsampling mode. I tested it with its Ultra Quality Preset and got a 13% FPS boost, but this method looks even worse than FSR1.

If somebody wants to try out FSR1 Ultra Quality Preset:

I had to disable motion blur and depth of field, otherwise the game would crash.
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Hello, I've been trying to mod the pitch color for a long while without success. What I'm looking to achieve is to set all pitches to the darkest green turf color, mainly because playing in the brighter yellowish turf takes me out of the game. That is ease to solve when playing kickoff games because there's the option to set it to your wish, however that option doesn't appear when playing competitions or Career modes.

I tried to set the default color every team to 7 in the squad file. But the game seems to look for the data somewhere else because it doesn't change when you play a game. I modifided other values to check and ensure the squad file is been loaded properly and they do appear changed.

There's a stadium table in the legacy files that also has pitchcolor row. I tried modifying it but despite it works for kickoff mode the pitch color remains the same in Career/competition modes.

Another pathway I tried is modifying the color codes used by the engine to tint the turf/grass texture but when I try to save the mod with FET it says is not supported.

If anyone can help me with that I really appreciate it because I haven't been able to play any competition since launch and kept stuck on kickoff mode because of my incapacity to play on most of the turf colors set as default. 🙏
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