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To Paul-v, sorry but your update causes me several Offside is me making a mistake or some sliders, a piece of advice, thanks
Not sure if this is related to the mod or an FC24 issue but one problem I'm having is that high passes get very little height on them, for example I can't play a long high pass from lb to rb or a diagonal to a winger in the clear, there's always not enough height on it no matter how long I hold down the button...
That they are the sliders I have modified them (they were all a 50) and now only an offside for the height does not seem to me
Yes I was using another translator, I am Italian and I don't know English, I wanted to say that I changed the sliders before they were all at 50 and decreased the offsides for crosses I had no problem
Paul thank you for all the great work all these years.
Can you upload a referees vanilla and the career mod for the latest update ( fifa mod manager or fmt)?
Unfortunatelly everything is a foul when im attempting a tackle.
Again thanks for everything.
Greetings from Greece
Greatest gameplay mod ever. I had one question is there any way to launch the game from fifa mod manager and still for the V career mod to work, since it is fbmod only on fmt launcher? Cause when i launch from fifa mod manager V career mod does not work and when I launch from FMT career mod works but every other mod from fifa mod manager wont work.
Thx for come back and your incredible work for this community. This is the best gameplay mod ever. Thx for still here Paul
Hello, I have a question I have a mod for the career mode that modifies values such as finances, player values, how the ia makes the signings and this mod is made for TU6 and my question is if this mod could work with TU8 as I understand that the gameplay mod if you have to update them.
Good morning gamers,

Another football filled weekend.

I realised I had some updates to do:

Career Mod
- Updated finance files. EA changed how they work (for the third time for FC24)

[fbmod only]

Vanilla Referees
- No changes. Just updated.


can i ask you this mod is inside also the gameplay ?or we need both seperate gameplay and vanilla referees??
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