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    Is there a good gameplay realism mod for FIFA 23?

    I tried Gameplay mod Anth v5 and v6, but it’s still not very realistic because the constant holes in the defense just seem like you’re playing arcade football. Is there such a mod in which it’s hard to pass the defense, etc. in terms of realism?
  2. Paul-v

    V / Paulv2k4 FC24 Mods | Gameplay | Career

    V / Paulv2k4 EA Sports FC24 Mods | Gameplay | Career Buy me and my family Coffee / Hot Chocolate on Ko-Fi Gameplay: Features: - AI make many mistakes and foul a lot but still can score if you don't pay attention - Passing is based on attributes and difficulty of the situation, you can no...
  3. citizenkidd

    FIFA 22 - Enhanced Gameplay #0.8

    Enhanced Gameplay #0.8
  4. T

    Poll: Best gameplay mod in regards of 'AI cheating' & Realism

    hey there! soooo, after trying this eFloatball mess it became pretty obvious that it won't be an option for me therefore i decided to start a PES2021 master league with all those cool PC graphic mods. (i use "realism mod" by KnightMD) as most of you probably know some matches are just...
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