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27 June 2009
It’s half past midnight. I’m about to join a few fellow retro-PES enthusiasts for a couple of online matches. In order to get there, my 11 year-old PC which is still using Windows Vista must be able to run a 13-year-old game. A resilient machine for a resilient PES. I’m sitting in my room and it’s 2018, but soon enough my perception of time and space will disappear as I dive in head straight in a fantasy world of yesteryear…I manage to join the lobby. I celebrate vividly. In an age where a two year old smartphone is considered obsolete, pulling this trick off with stone age hardware and software is surely a win worth celebrating.

Even though I’m happy, I’m not surprised. Excellence is tímeless, and I still trust my old HP as much as I still trust Retro-PES to satisfy my hunger for a deeply enjoyable football gaming session. The difference is, I know my HP will eventually get a well-deserved retirement when he stops working, whereas the life of Retro-PES will go on.

It will go on because unlike modern gaming, Retro-PES is a temple where everyone’s allowed. The rich with the awesome PCs, and the poorer with the potato computers. The more skilled players, and the ones who think 360 directions for a player to run in is too much. The people who enjoy updated rosters and the ones who travel back in time to enjoy playing with teams and players from a different era. The ones who like modern football games too, and the ones who are unhappy with it and want another kind of football fix. Retro-PES welcomes and accepts all of them with its simple and accessible platform for gaming. And this is why Retro-PES wins a gamer’s heart: it lets him know, no matter who he is, how much he makes or what his beliefs and skills are; no matter how much the world changes without his permission, he’ll forever have a PES game waiting for him at home, tailor-made according to his preference. He’ll play it however he wants, in whichever game mode he desires, even if he has to edit the database himself to shape the virtual world of PES to his ideas. This guy could be you, me, the first one to reply to this thread, or just the guy who’s stopping by and doesn’t even have an Evo-Web account. It’s potentially every PES player and football fan.

The Retro-PES Corner tapped into that potential. We’re managing to have an active micro-community of people focused only on decade-old games, it’s remarkable. Throughout this journey, I’ve learnt that I’m not and was never actually alone in my love for older PES games.

In order to expand our already growing community of Retro-PES, we have to take advantage of how easy it is to connect with each other online, and find a way use that connectivity to improve our Retro-PES experience; a perfect merger of the modern and the classic. To accomplish that mission, we’re starting The Retro-PES Online Club.

What is it?

The Retro-PES Online Club is the first network dedicated solely to online Retro-PES players. It’s the place to meet your next online opponent. It’s the place where you share the results of you and your friends’ online league. In short, it’s the part of the Retro-PES temple which has wi-fi, and you're able to use it at will as long you're playing a Retro-PES game online.

The Retro-PES Corner will of course remain open for general discussion about Retro-PES games, whereas here in the Club we'll be focusing on the online gaming aspect of it.

After writing this very long post, I'll be shutting down my old HP and leave him resting for the night. But tomorrow is another day and come night time he'll be ready for yet another online WE9LE match. The question is, are YOU ready? If you are, now you know where to find me and everyone out there eager to take Retro-PES to the next level. Congratulations, now you belong to the Club.

...Enough talk, I challenge you to a match. Shall we?

*Retro-PES is any PES game which is not the current, latest one.
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Thanks @mattmid, we do needed that info on the first page of the thread for people to have easy access to it. I don't know if there's any PES6 server currently active - haven't played it online for many many years - but if anyone's reading this and fits the description, please do tell how you set up your online enviornment for that game as Matt did.
The Lesser League

Platform: Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution
Participants: @lazoli // @mattmid // @miguelfcp // @wildwind
Number of teams: 4

In one of the many pages of the Retro-PES Corner, it was being discussed that one of the ways of getting the most out of a few of retro-PES' game engines is to use weaker teams, rather than the more powerful and talented ones. While the latter have a lot of great players which are skilled enough to carry the user onto a win; the former have players with unremarkable statsheets, which forces one to rely mostly on making good decisions offensively and defensively. Furthermore, the few players who are actually talented on that team will certainly stand out more and show their individuality - one of the "holy grails" of the experience of playing PES.
But what wasn't discussed on the thread was the fact that playing with obscure teams and players is also an effective way of expanding our knowledge about the game's database itself. It's easy to know Manchester United's team inside out with all of those well-known individuals, but if you happen to face Roosendaal on PES5, are you aware of who's their star player(s)? Do you know their weaknesses and strengths as a team? Do they have bench depth? Are they dangerous on set pieces? If you don't know all of the above, you're already one step behind the guys playing the WE9LE's online Lesser League.

House rule: Only teams with 72 overall or less can be picked (check's PES5 page to learn team's overalls)

lazoli - Sunderland
mattmid - Mainz
miguelfcp - AZ Alkmaar
wildwind - Osasuna

Next up: Season opening, fixture 1 results
fixture 1 migu.jpg

Fixture 1 - AZ Alkmaar (miguelfcp) 0-2 Mainz (mattmid) - (Auer x2)

I tried a wacky kind of 3-4-3 which clearly didn't work out. Matt took advantage of how badly I defended the wings and his striker Auer scored twice, having wrecked havoc on our defense for the whole length of the match. A well-deserved win in a match he clearly dominated.
Sunderland vs Osasuna 1.png Sunderland vs Osasuna 2.png
First game of the new season and it was a 1-1 draw against wildwind(Osasuna) Both goals came in the additional time in the first half... Good game wildwind...

1.png 2.png
Game two...Played at home. Games overall have been very close and with a lot of midfield battle. Not this one. Got a much needed win over matt(Mainz) 4-2. It was definitely not Matt's day today so I should say I definitely snatched a win. I'm sure Mainz will come back and fight hard to win their home game...Good game, matt...

See you on the pitch soon...
a.JPG ab.JPG ac.JPG
This is my first ever online game with @miguelfcp. At the beginning, both of us are playing conserve to try find out how opponents' play. Close and tight game. Until 76 min, our 2nd half sub Milosevic score and the match opened up. AZ's Van Galen score a great goal just top of D at 86 min. This is AZ first online league goal. As usual, Osasuna push everything up. Our Webo score at the top of penalty box at the last kick of match and get the Win.
mmainz v osa.jpg

After conceding 4 in the last game Mainz had to make sure not to repeat things. Osasuna had the early chances in a really tight first half but couldn't make the breakthrough. The second half continued in the same vein until things began to open up a bit near the end as both teams looked to find a goal that would win it. Osasuna's, Webo, a constant handful, was a threat every time he had the ball and then in stoppage time a quick break for Mainz saw Casey break free and head for goal. The keeper came out and he managed to slide it past him only to see it come back off the post. Then right at the death the Osasuna keeper pulled off a wonderful close save only for Casey to blast the rebound way wide from a tight angle. A really great 0-0!
World Cup 2018 - Right in Two

Platform: WE9LE Online

The real-life World Cup 2018 has reached the quarter-finals stage.
Here on the Club, we might be retro freaks but that doesn't mean we don't catch up with the times...only we do it the Retro-PES way. Once again, the fantastic four comprised of @lazoli, @mattmid, @miguelfcp and @wildwind have joined forces to come up with a way to enjoy an online competition unlike any other in the world - be it the real one or the virtual.
We're playing the real matchups of the World Cup 2018 quarter-finals on WE9LE Online. However, we love this game so much that it was impossible to pick just one team out of 8 - now imagine when we have to pick 1 out of hundreds...
We decided to follow Maynard's advice (Tool's frontman and mastermind) and we Divided it all Right in Two.

So each user had to pick two teams for him:
- the first, picked out of a group of favourites, comprised of the National Teams which were more likely to win their matchups. They're France, Brazil, Croatia and England.
- the second, picked out of the remaining teams - the non-favourites - which are Uruguay, Belgium, Russia and Sweden.

lazoli - Picked Croatia and Belgium
mattmid - England and Uruguay
miguelfcp - France and Russia
wildwind - Brazil and Sweden

Here's how the quarter-finals bracket looks like:

Which member of the Club will get both of his teams to the top? Who will win it all? Will there be surprises?

Renew your membership of the Club to find out.

- Though the four of us are admittedly having a blast, we want you to join us in future editions of our challenges and competitions. Read mattmid's post to find out how to play WE9LE Online with the folks of Evo-Web.
WC2018 - WE9LE Online

France (@miguelfcp) vs. Uruguay (@mattmid): Tough matchup for Matt. Uruguay has a few interesting players such as retro-PES classic Chevanton but France is just stacked with talent all over the pitch, be it Vieira and Makelele on the midfield, Henry and Zidane up front, or Thuram in the back.

Thanks to a dominant exhibition by Vieira an uninspired and rather defensive-minded France was able to get ahead quite early (13') to force Uruguay to take more risks and attack more often. France tried to hit them in the counter but Matt's wonderful defensive skills stopped Zidane and Henry, particularly the latter. France's manager has been criticised for starting Henry as a LMF instead of joining Trezeguet up front, a decision that clearly didn't work out well in this match. His critics are having a field day!

Uruguay tried everything they could to get a goal but France's defense led by Thuram was as solid as needed, leaving little room for clear-cut-chances.

In the end, France wins it but leaves fans and media upset about what was shown on the pitch. As for Uruguay, it was a nice effort - their fans must be proud - but the french players' superior skills was enough to award them the win.

Lesser League

AZ Alkmaar (@miguelfcp) vs. Sunderland (@lazoli)

Sitting in rock bottom with 1 point, I needed a win to get close to lazoli, who was 3rd with 4 points. Rightaway AZ Alkmaar shows an offensive-minded mindset and scores early on, 1-0. The team's looking way better than in previous matchups, now it seemed things were finally clicking and we'd become competitive in our Lesser League debut season.
However, lazoli wasn't done just yet so at halftime he runs to the locker room, locks himself inside it and leaves his players outside of the door, looking noticeably dumbfounded. As I approach the door to get a clue of what's happening, I smell smoke. Weird. Then I hear unpronounceable words by a really powerful and deep voice, who sounded angry. Oh well, it's just a demonstration of uncontrollable anger, I thought, so I went to our team's locker room, forgetting the strange event I kind-of witnessed.
As the second-half begins, things change: we're no longer in control, far from it. We barely are able to leave our own half. It's like a completely different game. Sunderland is able to score 3 goals whilst we get a clear-cut-chance, but that's it. Sunderland wins it 1-3 and as the final whistle blows, I realized what had really happened at half-time: lazoli has connections to the occult and put a spell on my team with the help of otherwordly spirits channelled by him.

Either that or our team sucks, vis-a-vis, I suck.


The league's table after 4 fixtures played:


This is all a Machiavellian plot of mine to get Wild, Laz and Matt to believe they're on top and then I suddenly begin playing extraordinary football, disarming them to climb up on the table.
Let's hope I'm right.
Wildwind is still unbeaten but lazoli is right up there, also Matt is battling for the title as well. Good luck guys, it'll be hard but I think I'll be able to hold on to the 4th spot to get to the WEFA competitions next season.
WC2018 - WE9LE Online

Brazil (wildwind) vs Belgium (lazoli)

Brazil start the match quite well and dominate possession without any clear cut chances. However, Belgium keep tight at the middle of defense and play quick counter attack. E. Mpenza have 2 clear shots on goal but saved by Dida. After half time, E. Mpensa score at 59' and his brother M. Mpensa at 69' and make it 2:0. Mpensa brother are out muscled Brazil's defense. Kaka get 1 back at 82' and has a nice shot to bottom left corner at 88' but saved.

Belgium beat the favourite to progress to semi-final. Will it be happened in the same way in real fixture tonight?
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Lesser League

Osasuna (wildwind) vs Sunderland (lazoli)

At 20' Arca (sun) dribbled inside penalty box and being brought down by Sosa. Stead score the penalty to bottom right corner. After the break, home team try to push forward. At 60' Seguro make a great low shot to bottom left and make it 1:1. The match becomes very even. Both teams have some half chance. Osasuna get a corner at 85', Sunderland can't clear the ball. CB Cuéllar lucky kick the ball and hit Breen's feet (own goal) to back of the net.

Sunderland well deserved to get at least 1 point away from home.
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mainz v az.jpg

(This was played before the league table above)

The return fixture brought a change of tactics from AZ after the first game where they had played a three at the back which had left Mainz's speed merchant, Addo, free to run down the right wing causing havoc and playing a big part in the 2-0 win. This time though they ruined his day by having a full back accompany him, meaning he now had to work for his space. What followed was one of the best and most enjoyable 0-0's I've played in a long time. It was gritty, tough, no quarter given and yet at the same time there were plenty of shots, a fair portion of which were even on target. Both teams missed a couple of good chances with saves or wayward shots, tackles were made, drama was only ever just around the corner but in the end both defences held firm and it ended as it started, 0-0.
1.png 2.png

Another close game against @miguelfcp. AZ Alkmaar was so ready to grab that 3 points that they desperately needed the whole season. Luckily I came out on top. 1-0

Great game miguelfcp! Hope you can get the win you are looking for against Osasuna so that I can lift up that league trophy!:D I'd pay to watch that game if one of you were streaming it. lol. Good luck to both...
Last fixture of the season between rock-bottom AZ and @wildwind's Osasuna, who needed to win in order to celebrate the title - even a draw wouldn't suffice.
Safe to say @miguelfcp's AZ looked threating in the first half, controlling the match and getting more chances to score, even if Osasuna's trademark devastating offense appeared once in a while to scare off the pressure.
But the 2nd half is always another tale for Alkmaar and the jinx remained: Osasuna began to take full control of the match and eventually, after a few very decent chances, Milosevic scores, 0-1. Virtually, Osasuna is champion.
AZ then changed his 4-2-3-1 for a 4-4-2 with Arveladze and Koevermans up front and it helped the team to get a bit better and to scare Osasuna's fans a couple of times; particularly a shot by Koevermans on the 87' minute who flew just a bit wide from the post, the keeper beaten. @lazoli couldn't believe his eyes: that one could be the goal that would give him the title! However, Osasuna held on and as the final whistle blows, they celebrate the win and the title won.


As for AZ, it was a painful season for the fans but the team surely looked way better now than in the beginning of the competition. The media is pretty sure @miguelfcp is going to leave the club soon, as the performance overall was shockingly bad.

Congratulations @wildwind. The world will never forget your glorious 3-5-2 that provided a rather entertaining brand of football.
Please @lazoli don't cast another spell on my team just because I couldn't help you win the title on this last fixture.
@mattmid: We were both running for the UnFair-Play award but I think you had more fouls than me, on total. So another trophy I lose...

See you next season on the Lesser League!

If you're reading this and want to join our league, leave a message here on the Club.

Russia (@miguelfcp) vs. Croatia (@lazoli)

This match was for sure a Боль в заднице.
For those who don't speak Russian (shame on you!), it means "pain in the ass".
Have you ever seen a real-life World Cup quarter-finals? Well, this looked a hell lot like it. Tough, gritty, physical, players fighting for every ball as if it was the was beautiful. This is the kind of match you need to show to someone whom you want to convince to play WE9LE, or any classic Retro-PES game.

Both defenses were absolutely outstanding, commiting few errors over 120 minutes of football. No team was able to score so off to penalties we go!

Croatia was brilliant, scoring 4 out of 4 and Izmailov (one of the best players in regular time) misses, as well as Smertin did, so Croatia advances to the next round.

For those who missed the live broadcast of this match, no need to worry for the Retro-PES TV has your back!

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eng v swe.jpg

As you may have seen above England opted to do what England do and go out in the quarter finals. A worrying result seeing as the first two results have matched the actual World Cup.

On reflection, looking at the match details it wasn't as one sided as it felt, chances wise at least. Sweden under @wildwind 's control started well and Larsson and Ibrahimovic up front were always a handful, although the latter missed a good chance and didn't get on the score sheet. Which led to him leaving early after the game saying if it wasn't about him then he wasn't interested. After an early goal, Sweden were on top but England were always in the game whilst it was 1-0 although not really looking like scoring. When the second Sweden goal went in England's collective heads dropped and discipline took a turn for the worse as they began to get desperate in attempting to get the ball back. With Defoe and even Andy Johnson on at half time, yes it got that desperate, a couple more shots were fired towards the Sweden goal with Johnson missing one good chance in particular. Sweden countered for a final goal and that was pretty much that. The England players are sent home to their large salaries to reflect on whether they are as good as they really think they are. Calls for Scholes to return are loud.


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How to play WE9LE Online
Step 1 - Download and install Winning Eleven 9 Liveware Evolution
Step 2 - Download and install the Kitserver on Program Files/KONAMI/WE9LE folder
Step 3 - Download @lazoli's WE9LE Online Patch: Part 1 and Part 2
Part 1 - 0_text and k_text are to be installed on WE9LE/dat folder. Overwrite the already existing files.
- WE9LEK.exe is installed on WE9LE main folder. Also overwrite if asked to.
Part 2 - 0_sound is installed on WE9LE/dat folder, also overwrite it.
Step 4 - Download Part 3 and Part 4 of the Online Patch and install its content (faces/hair/boots/uni) on WE9LE/Kitserver/GDB folder. Overwrite its existing content.
Step 5 - Go to WE9LE/Kitserver folder, run setup.exe and install the kitserver on WE9LEK.exe.

Congratulations, now you're able to play WE9LE Online!

All you need to join the online server is to follow one last step:
Step 6 - Leave a post here on the Club if you want to join and we'll contact you with the details for the registration on the online server. This is a much simpler process, you've already completed the harder part which is setting and patching up the game itself.
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