S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

This Anomaly mod is pretty good. I am liking the preparation side of it. I think it could take a while before i am fully prepared for the zone.

I think i am going to do some tasks for cash ATM. What i like about stalker is how the night time closes in, and you have to find refuge till the daylight.

I saw some pretty good lightning flashes as well.

I think my first priority is to get a sighted rifle. Long distance shooting is my thing. Usually close up i don't do very well.
I am going to enjoy this, i think. It seems to me like a thinking mans fallout. Stay tuned for more on my calamitous adventure. :THINK: :FAIL::D
Just want to add. For any one with a PC. This anomaly mod is excellent, as a warm up for stalker 2 .

I now have 2 x versions. The Anomaly mod with added mods to it, from moddb. Then another anomaly mod but patched with "Escape from Pripyat" which has its own set of mods. I did this because all together it would have conflicted.

I now have extra maps & story lines. It's like having two standalone stalker games. I think all the maps from the previous stalker games are in there as well. :TU:
Hey ho you console and STALKER fella's. Even I read that the first 3 games are released for Xbox and PS in there stores.
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