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28 February 2002
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Just received this press release, we might be able to run a competition to win some copies of this if anyone's interested? Let me know.


Leading Official Strategy Guide Publisher, Piggyback™ Teams Up With Konami of Europe on the Lavish Pro Evolution Soccer 5™ Official Guide – The Only Publication With Tips And Tricks Direct From The Developers

Monday 26th September 2005/… Piggyback, Europe’s leading official strategy guide publisher, has teamed up with Konami of Europe GmbH again, this time on the Pro Evolution Soccer 5™ Official Guide, published by Konami of Europe, for PAL regions. The guide – the only source of tips, tricks and how-tos sourced direct from the development team – will be released on the same day as the game, 21st October 2005, with an RRP of £10.99.

The weighty 238-page tome, which is the only guide to be created in direct collaboration with the developers themselves, features all there is to know about Pro Evolution Soccer 5™ for PlayStation® 2, Xbox® and PC. The beautiful guide not only provides readers with a detailed breakdown of the game’s near-limitless on-field subtleties but also explains – in minute yet easily digestible chunks – how to master all the play modes, secret moves, team and player data, leagues and cups necessary to propel its legions of dedicated fans to footballing nirvana.

The Official Guide covers everything on team management with expert strategies on the best formations, how to take advantage of player conditions and how to choose and field the best selection. The Coaching Manual section, for example, breaks down and explains everything players need to know behind game’s mechanics such as shooting, one-twos, weighted through balls and passes, goalkeeping, penalties, tricks, attacking and defending, styles of play, and management – with depth impossible through any other means.

Lavishly produced and illustrated to the highest standards, readers of this, the ultimate companion guide to the world’s greatest football game, can reap the rewards of a collaborative effort, developed over a six-month period and the result of hundreds of hours playtesting. If you’re looking for a few lone tips, interspersed by successive pages of unnecessary ‘filler’ content, look elsewhere – in creating the Official Guide to Pro Evolution Soccer 5™, published by Konami of Europe, Piggyback has raised the bar of game guide excellence yet again.

Louie Beatty, Managing Director of Piggyback, commented: “Pro Evolution Soccer™ is a religion and has the most dedicated fan base of any videogame franchise. Given the purist nature of this following, it is a great privilege for us to be working on this official guide. This is without a doubt the biggest football franchise in the business and the most anticipated title of Q4 2005”.

Hans-Joachim Amann, Head of European Product Management at Konami of Europe GmbH said: “There is great anticipation from the trade and public for the Pro Evolution Soccer 5™ Game and Official Guide. Piggyback provides unsurpassable quality and consistency in creating Konami guides.” Amann continued, “Our customers can be assured that the Pro Evolution Soccer 5™ Official Guide will reflect the passionate and detailed gameplay experience, they have been waiting for”.


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21 February 2003
Sounds good.

I'be up for a competition, gives us a good chance of being judges.

*I can be bought....for the right price.* ;)

Who said that? :lol:


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31 May 2005
Moufa-man said:
Where are the free pages? I am registered but cannot seem to find them.Did anybody find them?


Yeah, piggyback seems to be a load of bollocks right now. I signed up 2 weeks ago, and the sample pages supposed to be available for download on the 7th Oct. Its now the 10th.

HAs anyone had success obtaining these.?


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22 December 2001
Where can you buy this guide? Looks like their website doesn't offer a service to order it overthere :shock:

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Moufa-man said:
Still nothing; no free pages to download.

Is this part of the competition Mart. Is it hunt the download and win?

Do I win the competition for suggesting it as a compo?

Or would you like others?

I've got a few in mind - such as how pissed off has your partner got over you playing Pro Evo?


How many times has the computer 'cheated' you out of a game?


If it takes 5 men 10 days to dig a hole how many men and days does it take to dig half a hole?


What is your favourite colour?


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Dar said:
You win for just being Awesome Spikey.

You a Winnah! Ha ha ha! :lol:


Amazing what you get for just reading tEh pOstS...

So would you like my private address then mister?

Or is this a ruse to stalk me???

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Do I win???

<- Oh me have now avatar, good old flat, my old team mascott :)


2 August 2004
So what's happening with this Mart?

Are we gonna have some sort of competition or something?


I have it and its definately worth it. Lots of insight actual figures on how fatigue effects your players etc.


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22 December 2001
How can you have it? I ordered it at Amazon.com and I got a mail some days ago that it is delayed :shock:


2 August 2004
Zygalski said:
Each to their own mate :cool:
If it ever makes it to ebay, Terry's signature would probably be worth a bit more than Hartson's ;)

Stringer Bell said:
Just bought my one today...nice long guide...will help during does sleepless night

Or those endless hours YOU spend sitting on your toilet waiting for it to come out huh Stringer? :lol:

Anyways, is there a lot about game that we don't know about in there? I may be wrong but I I think I know pretty much all there is to know about the actual GAME, so would it be worth to get one and it'll surprise me with some nice new stuff I didn't know you think ?or will it be a waste of money?

Maybe those who already have it and have had a look at the content can answer this better since it might have taught them a thing or two as well that they didn't know before so it could be the same for me.
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