eFootball PES 2020 Discussion Thread (PC)


10 October 2018
It's probably best to have a thread dedicated to the PC demo version, so please post any potential software/hardware issues and other things solely regarding the demo for your personal computers in here. Cheeeeers!
Good thing. Could you also add a section in The Editing Forum about Pes 20?


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The game won't load for me, just cocome up with a black screen. Wasn't there an issue with Radeon cards on one of the older games as well?


11 June 2016
OK, I play 2 games, the first impression .. is not SLOWER that PES 2019 but is way smoother
The Refer is ridiculous, almost every touch is fall.
Shots are funny.
Still, I can't see reason Konami to mess with R2 close control... All that can be done with R2 and Right stick or left the stick in the first place... there was no reason to change it so much.
Defending is somehow harder, they are a more.. heavy and slow reacting. They are feel locked to animation, " pushing the body to body animation " but in another side.. R2 + defending is much better now.
I love the new super cancel.
The player switching is awful.


11 December 2007



Where you at man?


2 December 2018
Cuys, can you confirm if that little ball touch forward that used to be triggered using R2 and the right stick to any direction has been removed or they've changed the instruction?


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17 December 2017
i have the demo in both platforms
and in pc its much more better.
the game is better then pes 2019 that's for sure
need to improve the AI and fixed the stupid referee.


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I also thought it, but maybe they configured the files to do working euro 2020 with a DLC (as you said)
We can definitely expect that. Last year's UEFA statement said that they will continue to work together on national teams competitions. But just you wait to see the announcement clickbaited as exclusive breaking news on twitter/yt :LOL:


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10 February 2019
Okay guys need some help with Steam

Demo of PES 2020 is available on the Steam store, but don't see an option to download it. It always redirects me to the full PES 2020 game page in Steam. Anyone who had the same issue?

Edit: nevermind, found it! Ready to play the game!


10 October 2018
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I have found online opponent under 1 min with a filter stable connection/similar passing settings.

Yes mate, that is the most constructive we could be.
And possible also tag Evo web (we could probably help to make our image better, so that they know people at Evo web do give constructive criticism and aren't irrational, and then maybe listen to us too(?))
I'm expecting too much, but then we could certainly try.

Great idea!
I'll make sure with every tweet tag https://twitter.com/evo_web with @evo_web.
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