Your Dream FIFA Game...

This is why I really fear that we'll never have a football game that isn't just a FUT clone (i.e. packed with microtransactions and with zero originality, no difference in approach)...

Eurogamer: Alan Wake 2 Fastest Selling Remedy Game, But Yet to Turn a Profit

Dev costs are high, marketing costs are high - and gaming is a business. Even for indie devs, it's a business. You have to make money, you have to make a living.

I would bet my house that a true simulation football game which challenged every player to think like managers have to think would appeal to a huge market, including FUT players who I honestly think would appreciate something truly fresh (and not just a cheap rip-off) - but could I ever convince enough people to gather enough money to develop and sell it at a high enough quality for it to succeed? Not in this environment.
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