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14 December 2006
WOW! i am surprised i found this, first saw this band back in 87 at the last waterhole in Amsterdam. This one track is from the same venue.
Fuck that place was smokey! just sitting there and not smoking you would have got wrecked. I know this because one of our guys didn't smoke only drank, but he got high as fuck just sat there. :LOL:



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30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
Back to some Zucchero we go. I'm sure I already posted something by him in the thread, but today while commuting I heard this one on the radio and I counldn't resist, I just had to sing along:

Curious fact: an Italian band (Gem Boy) released a parody of this song, about the 2002 World Cup and Italy's shady elimination. Here it is:


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