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Hello all,

Here I will post my mods for the season of FIFA 23.

This will include but not limited to Career and Gameplay mods.

Paulv2k4 FIFA 23 Gameplay Mod

Download from Mediafire - FIFA 23 Gameplay Mod folder

My gameplay mods are always based on football in the United Kingdom, especially the English league pyramid. As a huge Swansea City and general football fan and ex player. I've watched likely over a million hours of football at all levels in my lifetime. The top things that comes to mind when thinking of British football; physicality, mistakes and a gap of ability between the very top and bottom. On top of this, FIFA will never be "realistic", so the mod aims at being, fun & challenging, with a smarter AI and less "cheats/scripting". This mod is designed to achieve that.

IMPORTANT! Please BLOCK FIFA 23 with your Windows Firewall to disable "Live Tuning" updates and use the following settings to enjoy this mod to the fullest!
Sliders: Leave ALL Sliders Default!
Difficulty: World Class or Legendary
Competitor Mode: Off
Player Based Difficulty: On
Attributes: Classic
Referee Strictness: Lenient
Controller Settings: I personally play on Assisted but heavily nerf the amount of assist in this mod

How is the mod tested:
Traditionally I play CPU v CPU games to test any changes I make to the game. My test bed teams change with each Title. In FIFA 23, I use Newport v Bradford, Newport v Liverpool, Newport v Man City or Blackburn v Crystal Palace.

How do you play the game:
I play Career mode locked to one player with the AI controlling the rest of the team. I also play via Parsec with friends who also lock to players.

Current Gameplay Mod Features:
# Player Speed
- Player base speed lowered by 10% with a 5% increase in top speed, lowering overall speed but increasing the gap between the top and bottom players
- Players with a poor dribbling attribute will struggle to dribble with the ball, especially turning in tight spaces

# Player Strength
- Players with high strength and balance have a significant advantage over others in the physical side of the game. You will notice this in 1v1 battles and in air collisions

# AI
- AI will play much more long passes
- AI will not play as much Tika Taka
- AI will cross the ball
- AI will FOUL and are very aggressive
- AI will shoot on sight / edge of the box
- AI will constantly attack but without "scripting"
- AI will make mistakes in pursuit of creating chances

# Positioning
- Players will cover space, maintain shape and generally defend much better

# Defending
- Tackling is much more difficult, especially whilst running
- Blocking is much more difficult and there is no difference between a User or AI blocking ability (not sure why EA did this?)
- It is much easier to push a player over whilst tackling

# Goalkeepers
- Goalkeepers are based on ability
- Fixed saving ability when the ball is next their body
- Made GK have moments of brilliance ("What. A. Save!")

# Passing
- Passing is much more based on ability, there is a big difference between top and bottom players. Bottom players will make many more mistakes making a Tika Taka game extremely difficult whilst in League 2 or playing a good opposition.

# Shooting
- Shooting is much more based on ability, there is a big difference between top and bottom players.
- Finesse shots are much more difficult and only the top players can get them right.

# Injuries
- Players are much more likely to pick up light injuries ("knock") from the physical side of football. This is one of my bug bears of vanilla EA FIFA, Football is a physical game and in real life, all you see is players rolling around "injured". I have done my best to add this to the game.

# Many other smaller things!

Paulv2k4 FIFA 23 Career Mod

Download from Mediafire - FIFA 23 Career Mod folder link

Current Career Mod Features:
# AI Transfers
- All AI teams will try and improve / replace missing players

# Youth Academy
- All teams have much more realistic Youth Systems with a significantly less chance of a star player in the ranks
- All Youth Players are much more likely to have traits

# Finances
- Todos los equipos empiezan con menos dinero pero lo ganan mediante la venta de entradas y camisetas.

# Salarios de jugadores
- Los salarios de los jugadores se acercan (lo mejor que se puede) a los salarios del mundo real.

# Valores del jugador
- El valor del jugador coincide lo mejor posible con los valores del mundo real. Basado principalmente en Transfermarkt y transferencias del mundo real.

# Configuración de simulación
- Simulación de puntuaciones de partidos, valoraciones de jugadores y estadísticas basadas en estadísticas del mundo real.

Otras modificaciones de FIFA 23
Modificación de licencia

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hola bro como estas..hace poco instale el mod..como puedo mejorar el tema de los pases porque se erran muchos los pases
@Paul-v Originally posted this message in your DM yesterday, since you didn't notice it, I sent this here:
Could you convert your FIFA 23 GP Mod Version 7 to FIFA 22? Like you did with your Version 4 Alpha 11? Thanks.
I couldn't find any specific thread of yours (FIFA 22) to post this message. So that's why I'm posting here. Feel free to message me if you think this message should be removed from this thread. Thanks again.
Hello, @Paul-v. I know you are no longer doing gameplay for FIFA 23, but I would like to ask if there is any command line in FET/FMM that makes the goalkeeper stay further back towards the goal line in the opposing team's attacking plays. It's really annoying to see the goalkeeper stepping forward to make a save and still failing.
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