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16 July 2004
I can't be sure if i have mentioned this before, but on YT no matter how good a video is, there is always some thumbs down on it (probably trolls).
However, when you look at the comments, it's always thumbs up. Now, if this is down to moderation, then why even have a thumbs down option on each comment?

Because immatures like being dicks, it makes it easier for them to surpass at that. :LMAO:


15 December 2011
He also
Guys. Whatever you're doing.


Watch the video in the tweet below - fast forward to 15 seconds. Turn your sound all the way up.

Then... 1:50. The follow-through.

I have been literally (honestly) lying on the floor and crying for the last 15 minutes.

He also has the most Pompey accent possible :LOL:

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14 May 2003
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Did a football podcast tonight and got paid for it. Assuming my Evo-Web cheque got lost in the post @Chris Davies?


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25 August 2006
I'm a bit surprised that there's no headset thread here (Evo web)
I've seen a few that dates back 10-15 years.
I can't be the only one who games with a headset and know that they're probably the most important "gadget/tool" for a lot of games.


28 September 2010
Someone just liked a post of mine from 2010. 🤔
Usually i give "likes" to old posts, when i mess with the search button of the forum. :P

In other news, below i attached a screenshot of my PES2020. I created this team, back in late 2019.

If i was smart enough to register the trademark back then, now, this year, you would possibly read that article about me in news sites:

"The crazy story of an unknown PES player. EA pays him 10 mil.€, in an out-of-court settlement, in order to claim back their next title's name"

And i would purchase EVOWEB and PESGAMING. :P


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