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28 September 2010
Hello people, as you can see i am Slamsoze :) ! But many of you will wonder or have wondered : "Wtf means slamsoze, what's up with this dude?" So i decided to post about my nickname, its meaning, its backstory everything.
note: I searched the forum a lot, almost every possible page and i did not find a similar topic.

So let's go to the breakdown, it comes in two versions, a short one and an extended. The extended version will be inside SPOILER, for terms of order and aesthetics.

The short version: Slamsoze is a composed word [slam+Soze]. It comes from two words , the verb slam and the nickname SOZE, which i invented myself at first place (or that's what i used to thought, more about this in spoiler).

The extended one:
The slamsoze chapter:
It is summer of 2004, we have just finished high school and pending to enroll to a University. I am in an internet café with my pal (now he is my best man in my wedding) and we are trying to set up our communication for the future, as all the friends are going to go different Universities in separate cities, so internet will be our future method of contact. Until then, most of us in Greece, had dial-up connections and only cafés, public services and school, universities had ADSL connections.
My best friend was always a tech-prodigy, having messengers (IRC,MSN), emails, social media later, far before everyone else. So in our first attempts during 2004 to sign-me up to Yahoo!mail and Hotmail!, he failed hard cause i used it so rare, that i always forgot, either my username or my password. I used variations of "SOZE", which used to be my nickname for years, like sozel1986, sozel2004 etc, cause for some reason i did not know until then, yahoo did not allow me to use "soze" as it was occupied by other user, so that day i used "slamsoze@ +the yahoo domain for e-mail" , which i kept both with the password written in a small paper in my wallet. So after that day, in any internet forum i signed up, i used the same nickname/username/email, which for different reasons, (i.e youtube merging with google 5 or more years later), made it difficult for me to change. It is extremely funny being a 33 years old adult and being stuck with a "childish" em-mail and username, the e-mail " ".
Ι.Ε. you should see the face of a bank clerk last week, when i was in a bank to discuss for a bank-loan contract terms of mine and in the end when he asked me for a contact e-mail i told him: " ", it happens with anybody in similar occasions, they are not sure if i tell the truth, or i am kidding.
But let's go i little bit more back in time again, to see how did 'SOZE' come in first place and how did it established its presence.

How it all began:
The story begins in the mid 90's, in the arcade coin-op chamber stores. If you remember most games like Bubble-Bobble, Street Fighter, Supersidekicks Soccer etc, etc used to have you to use 3-characters nicknames/ alias, for playing a game and register you highscore after. Most of us used to use 'AAA' , or 3 both letters , but as it became a trend we started trying to find Unique combination, to notify who did the specific High-Score, like a tag, most used some team shortnames like AEK, AOK, PAO or SOS etc, but the combinations were much limited, to know for sure who is who.My personal 3 letters were 'ESO' , i did not mean anything in English, i just liked nobody used and the sequence of the letters, S was close to O, if you remember the input method of the letters.

The 2000's trend:
After the Matrix movie 1999 and the new era in LAN gaming, Age of Empires, Starcraft, Counter-strike latter a new trend was born, to use short words as nicks/alias which had some un-official rules, use only 3 letters or 4 max.,the word must not exist in English or have any meaning, your letters cannot match in 2/3 or 3/4 with an other player/friends of yours. So the tag/nick/alias status was established about who is who, everybody wanted a mystery alias like "Neo" ," Zeo" etc. So i took my aged 'ESO' nick and decided to convert to a 4 letters nickname, while keeping a mind that it must not exist as a name or a word. I moved the E- to the end, in tried some letter for the part after -SO, picking Z at last due to its shale :P and that was how SOZE was born. I used so much that nickname, that for a period from 2001 to 2003, people used to call me 'SOZE" more than my given name. (Note here, that i latter started to like people having more Medieval/Diablo/LotR nicks like Azeroth, Serpiroth, Tyrael, Arathorn etc.)
So we go to 2004 when in the last year in high-school, our school introduced ADLS internet to the labs. During the PC courses some of us used to try to create e-mails, which were pretty unnecessary thing for an under 18 kid back then! I tried i Yahoo! to sign as 'soze' , thinking how smart i am, and how brilliant to use an e-mail with a word that does not exist, while everybody where creating e-maill adresses based on their name and last names. But for some damn reason i did not know, the damn system did not let me use 'Soze', it kept saying it is used by other user, i said "WHO THE HECK uses a word without any meaning and that i personally invented??!!! :) (i will tell you about this in the end ;) ) So i started creating variations, SOZEL, soze2004, sozeblahblah bal;h etc. Which accounts as i said i used to forget always about (user/pass).

How and why slamsoze?
And we are coming in the birth moment. I am there again, trying to make an e-mail, i will use to my new city in the university , to send my newsletter to my friends (yes the dynamics back then in 2004, allowed me to imagine only newsletters as a form of communication, social media were not even a dream back then, and the Chats services MSN/IIRC had a bad reputation ,cause they were mainly used by dudes trying to achieve a "blind-date"!
But this time i could not use SOZE or any of the viable variations i used before soze2004,sozegreece,sozel2004 etc. Every dump try i did was failing and the time was pressuring us, cause we were paying the internet-cafe based in the time we used the PC. As i was ready to give up and leave the place without e-mail, my friend started yelling at me "OMG use something else, use a damn nickname or name or whatever, just create a Fking e-mail".
AND in the current momentum, being disappointed of the my failed expansion in the internet attempts the fate decided for me!! Millions of words that were going around in my mind, stopped and only one phrase remained, being repeated..... It was influenced heavily by a song i used to listen for hours continuously back then, Onyx-SLAM , in WINAMP in mp3 in "repeat mode". (yes youtube was not even ethereal existence in 2004!! the 'SLAM' form the song chorus starting to shouting in my mind combined with SOZE, like Slam...Soze...Soze.. "That's it" , i hit "slamsoze@" and i was successfully registered!!!! 'What a cool nickname" i thought!

The true "Soze/Söze!
For the next 3-5 years i used it pretty everywhere, feeling so cool. Created accounts, signed in forums, used it everywhere. After 1 year while being in a university's dorm for a Movies Night, while getting ready to watch a movie between PES tournaments, i learned the reason why i could not use the 'SOZE' word, as a friend told me then, "The villain in this movie has the same name as you" :P . It was because of the (one of the greatest Villains of all times) Keyser Söze the mysterious villain; from the 1995 movie "The Usual Supsects" . This explained everything, and after some research in the internet about Keyse Soze (Yahoo not Google), my interest over my nickname "Slamsoze" increased more. After many years and after i created my youtube, google accounts that i keep until today, when i grown up more and started regretting, in the need of use a most mature e-mail, i realized i am "trapped" with this nickname.

But that's life it is like e piece of my past, reminding the innocence, craziness of the youth ages!!!

P.S.1 : But you should really check everyone's face in public services/providers/tax office, bank, when a 33 years old me, gives them "SLAMSOZE@GMAIL.COM". These are unique moments, i hold back my self every time to not explode in loud laughs!

P.S.2: What's your nickname's backstory/meaning people, i am really curious to know.
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1 January 2006
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My nickname Ciais was born in elementary school.

In my class there were 2 Francesco's, me and another one, so to differentiate us they were calling us by our surnames.
He was named Rossi, so no problem about that, but I am named Casiglia, and so my classmates first began to shorten it, then they mangled it.

So from Casiglia = Ciais. Also Ciaisis or CisiX.

And there you have it :D

PS: Yes, I know I'm synonymous with Leeds United's Francisco "Kiko" Casilla, my family indeed emigrated from Spain to Sicily centuries ago :P


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18 August 2018
Emroth has a bit of a backstory.

In school we had IT classes and we were told to create a username for our own profile on the computers. People were using nicknames and I didnt have one (sad fucker).
I was always listening to rap music, so following eminems example, I created one from my initials - M.S. (eMeS --> emes)

It was supposed to be purely for IT classes, but somehow it stuck. And it stuck so much, that few years later a lot of people didnt even know what my actual name is.
And I got used to it (had to, I came up with it myself)

Problem was - whenever I wanted to create an account somewhere (game, site, forum, social media), "emes" was usually taken.

As I absolutely hate to be "emes2343", I had to come up with something new.

One day I was trying to create an account for World of Warcraft (big fan of fantasy games and movies), so I left "em" and added "roth", coz it wasnt taken and sounded elvish.. :LOL:

That has stuck as well (at least for me, when creating new accounts somewhere, coz its never taken).

So for friends Im still "emes", on social media and in games its usually "emroth"

Fun fact - I have original, custom printed Arsenal jersey with "emes" at the back.
I know... Arsenal... yuck! But Fabianski is my mate and sent me this, when he was still playing there, so its a cool, personal treasure. ;)


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30 August 2005
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Well, there's not much to say about mine. It's Ale because they're the first three letters of my name and it's been my nickname since I was a kid.
The asterisk and the alternation between uppercase and lowercase letters just appeared when it was stylish and never left me since (I used to use my full name at the beginning with an asterisk also at the end, I cropped it at a later stage).

I'm trying to get rid of this nickname (not Ale itself, but the fact it's written in such a strange way) now as it's not glamorous at all anymore, and I usually choose the more 'sober' ale85bg nickname instead (with '85' showing that I'm getting old and 'bg' being the city I come from), so if you happen to see an ale85bg on Origin or on Steam, that's me.

Fun fact which I forgot to mention: my first nickname on Evo-Web was Kleimann (you all should know the game it comes from).

@slamsoze: don't worry, you're not alone. Throughout my existence I've also had some email accounts of which I'm still ashamed even after years.
Now I just tend to use the address for personal use and the one for professional matters.

Please do not mention my second visit a year later.
I guess you would've registered here as superleeds2 had it gone differently.

OK, I go away. :COAT:
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25 August 2006
Rockstrongo is one of Homer Simpsons name when up to some shenanigans.
For you who follow me on twitter /YouTube etc I go under the name Ettnollbajen.
That name consist of three parts.
Ett (One) noll (zero/nil) Bajen (the nickname of the team I support)
So pretty much onenilspurs if you were a spurs fan


28 September 2010
As I started this topic “to know us better” and I am still dying out of curiosity I am calling dudes to give their nickname backstory, if there is any and they are willing to.

@miguelfcp @papinho81 , @Madmac79 , @mattmid @Alx1234 , @Sany023 , @PRO_TOO .

Special: @PRO_TOO i would like to explain if possible, his profile pic also what is Team Hefferman and who or what is Hefferman?


28 September 2010
@slamsoze No interesting backstory to mine :) My name's Matt and of course that's always gone when I sign up for anywhere so I add mid because Midnight Oil are one of my favourite bands!
Now that’s interesting!!! I always thought that you were named Matt (check) and you used to be football player and played as Midfielder. So every time coach was announcing the squad and positions , your instructions were Matt, mid!!! :) (no check here) :D


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I am French with nothing Brazilian in my pedigree. At high school with my best friends we started calling each others with surname. My last name in French sounds like old, so they called me papy which was quickly shortened to pap. All my friends call me pap still instead of my first name and some even don't know my first name.
We use to play all at the same super low league club (a team of friends what a good time). As a proper left footed player I use to have a good touch of the ball without making any fancy tricks and when I was dribbling they use to add the inho to my surname and then you have it! The 81 stands for my department in France, even though I am living in Switzerland for ten years now.



27 June 2009
Well, because I've been a tech-illiterate since time immemorial, the first time I was asked to come up with a cool username, I had no idea how to go about it. Someone advised me to "pick my name and then add something you're passionate about" and boom, there'd be my unique username. Alright, so I'm Miguel, I support Portugal's Futebol Clube do Porto (FCP), so it'll be...miguelfcp. I started using on every platform I went to, including Evo-web. For some reason, it stuck - it shouldn't have, for it's an unnecessary mouthful and sounds very childish, but here we are...!

I'm indeed terrible with usernames. The story of miguelfcp is totally uninteresting, but less quirky than a more recent (yet still old) one: "Micaac". People usually think it has something to do with "Mica", one of the many cutesy variations of "Miguel"; others think it's Mica+ the initials AC, Académica de Coimbra, another famous Portuguese club. It has nothing to do with that. I had just bought FlatOut2 for the PS2 and was inserting the option file's name for the first time. I didn't remember what exactly would be the name I'd write, but it surely had to have Miguel in it. At the time my eyesight was worsening and I struggled to understand what exactly I was doing on that screen; not only I couldn't see which letters I was browsing, I didn't know which buttons did what. I was so comfortable I didn't want to get up and get closer to the TV so I did the best I could to escape that screen and lo and behold, I advance past it, and turns out, my OF's name is "Micaac". Goddamn it, the name sounds cool, I thought. The only issue is, "caca" is one of the slangy Portuguese variations of the word "poop", so inevitably this username got mocked a lot as "Mi-caca". I didn't care. Micaac sounds amazing. So I began using that once accidental username - even! -, reforming miguelfcp bit by bit.


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11 September 2006
Nice thread! Haven't seen it at the times.

The story of my nick is pretty trivial.. it's a wordplay between mad and my real name (Marco).. but writing Marco or Marc felt even more trivial so I just shortened it to Mac for the final Madmac.
As for the 79, it's not my date of birth as somebody sometimes mistake it for (real one it's 85), but it was the year of two of my favourite movies ever: Apocalypse Now and Alien.

I often wondered about some of your nicknames as well, glad to see some explanations. While for Miguel it was pretty clear from the get go (or at least from the moment I acknowledged he supports Porto), I was sure Papinho was the nickname of some past less known brazilian player or something; Slamsoze I effectively didn't know for sure, but I've always tought about Keyser Soze myself and on a lesser and more unrelated, but still cinematic note about Scarface villain Sosa :P. The "mid" in Mattmid brought me back to League of Legends but I was also pretty sure he didn't play it so it just stayed as a question mark until now :) .


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3 August 2003
Isslander is just a bit of wordplay, from ISS and Icelander. I think the name of PES may have already been around when I chose it, but obviously Peslander sounds dumb (unlike Isslander which sounds cool). If I was coming in today I hope I wouldn't have picked e-slander.


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19 December 2020
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Well I guess some of you might be asking, what is a millossobek? :LOL:

Like some of you, it is also a combination of two words:
Millos, a nickname for my dear team Millonarios FC from my home city Bogotá, ⚽ 🏙️ 🏟️ :BSCARF:


And Sobek, I love ancient civilizations, he is a Crocodile God from the Egyptian pantheon which I think is cool. 🐊 🐊


So, millos + sobek = millossobek :LOL: :TU:


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14 December 2006
Anyone here using Hillary as a nickname?

Very funny movie by the way. If you've never seen it and like Airplane/Naked Gun/Hot Shots humour then I highly recommend it.
You wish. :D

While i am here...I originally used "Buzzyhead" as it was taken from my online pes/fifa days around 2005. Since everyone on here referred to me as Buzzy, i shortened it. Buzzy could also be attached to a couple of things. One being my inability to stay focused for too long. The other? well.. :WHISTLE:

Carles P.

4 October 2017
non of these ESL clubs
You wish. :D

While i am here...I originally used "Buzzyhead" as it was taken from my online pes/fifa days around 2005. Since everyone on here referred to me as Buzzy, i shortened it. Buzzy could also be attached to a couple of things. One being my inability to stay focused for too long. The other? well.. :WHISTLE:


In my "real life" [e]Football time as a young teen and kid, I was a CB so my Idols are also CB's. And some years ago I registered on a Fifa Forum, but I have problems to control my mind to find spontanously a nickname.

It was at a time around he was playing actually - Carles Puyol. But it could be also John Terry, Sergio Ramos and so on. And yea I was born. 🤓


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19 December 2020
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I love ancient civilizations above all those of South America, that's why my nick Incas!
Incas are also one of my favorite civilizations, I like to choose them in Age of Empires, Civilization, etc. ;) :LOL:

@mattmid I thought "mid" actually meant you were from the Midlands in the UK. (I've never been to the UK, I just have a good friend who says he lives in the Midlands, haha). :LOL: Midnight Oil is a cool band. :TU:
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