PES 2021 Tactics Discussion & Real Teams Thread


19 April 2019
That's right! Just copy it over and overwrite.

alrighty, i’ll try it out again in a bit. any way to keep from having to go back and rename all the competitions and stuff like that or will i just do that later. it also seems like all the bundesliga players like halland and sancho disappeared so maybe i didn’t do it right in the first place.


League 1
17 February 2021
Zagreb, Croatia
Drogba FC
Is there someone who applied klashman latest tactics on the VirtuaRed patch? Is it working normally?

If yes can you please share files tactics.bin and formation.bin?


League 2
3 August 2018
OL Reign
Made an ID_list compatible with SmokePatch.

I recommend changing the lineup for Bundesliga and J-League teams because SmokePatch also has different IDs for players, so I feel like some lineups will probably also be wrong.


  • id_list.txt
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