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[PC] FIFA 11 Edit LOD & Advanced Graphic Settings


League 2
31 December 2004
Despite being a quasi-geek as I am, I'm baffled with so much heaped up info here.

I want eyecandy graphics for my FIFA '11. So is all I need a LOD setting tool to enable what I want ? Nothing else ?

Thanks in advance.


League 1
23 October 2005

help me :(


In Forest We Trust.
11 April 2010
Brasil, SP
São Paulo FC


League 2
15 December 2003
nice mod.
Ultra High LOD run very smooth.
Graphic Card HD3850 512MB
@1680X1050 60HZ, VSync on Triple buffeing on & noAA noAF
Gameplay 60fps
Replay 30fps some lag. if u turn off VSync, FPS up to 45 with no lag. but u got screen tear.
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21 February 2011
kalispera mporeis se parakalo na mou peis pos akrivos leitourgei auto to programmataki? prospatho na paikso alla exo tromero lag....eyxaristo...


Also known as jcsix
29 October 2007
Manchester United
Didn't want to bump this. But I add the fifarna folder and replace the data0.bh but my FIFA does not respond. Any help?


6 June 2011
Sorry if I bumped this thread... I found it using Google.

But this location: fifarna\lua\settings.lua
isn't found in the game directory!

I have also tried replacing data folder and data0.bh with the ones in the performance settings folder and then the game didn't start.. It just gave me a black screen that lasted forever!

What I am trying to say is that I have no folder called fifanra in C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game\Data

I really can't stand this lag! Please help me guys.
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Raven Corax

League 2
2 December 2006
SV Werder Bremen
Sorry to disturb you guys and resurrecting old threads but I can't find a version of napoli1980's tool anywhere. The file on mediafire has been deleted and it's also not in the download section of fifamania.it. Google couldn't give me any good results, either. So please, if anyone has the newest version of the tool, load it up again, will you?
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