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7 January 2007
Trying to be really down to earth our group was mostly the weakest.

Austria - i dont even know what they were doing
Portugal - lets face it is one headed team with Ronaldo who starts bitching after every loose ball and makes the team morale drop

Luckly England is not a team, not at all. You have great chances for a penalty shoot out or a corner, spot kick goal because they are impotent at attacking as a team thanks to their manager.

Id rather had England than Belgium...but either way the pressure is on them we already have beaten the odds ;)
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15 December 2011
I would have preferred to have met Portugal, as you say Gabe they are a one man team and a petulant one at that. I hope Croatia will send the prima donna home. Iceland will see us facing another team who will sit back and hit us on the counter and we've already proved we struggle to break teams down due to a lack of creativity in midfield.

I've really enjoyed seeing Iceland's progress and should they beat us I hope they keep progressing. I think they have become everyone's second team in this tournament.


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13 November 2003
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i thought it was a small country but this is ridiculous.

Said by someone who lives in a city with nearly 9 million people in it :s

anyway, amazing team!
i hope they get past France


15 December 2011
Congratulations Isslander, fully deserved, we were as usual when it comes to the crunch, found badly wanting.


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21 June 2007
this only proves that with team spirit you can beat anyone...

England should have taken the players who play with passion and heart... starting with West Ham players like Noble, Antonio and Cresswell, who all had great season...

so much talent in England is ignored... i hope with new manager they can finally make the best out of it in future...

now i hope Iceland win this tournament, they are the "Leicester City" of this EURO :P


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28 May 2007
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Would a country with a population of 300k winning the Euros overshadow even Leicester?

It would overshadow everything I've watched in football.

The one thing that got me chuckling after the game was when an Icelandic player (can't remember his name) said in the lines of "We've wanted to get out of the group first. Then we've found out we got England for the quarters and we knew we had a good chance beating them".

If I was an England fan or player and heard that I'd be devastated. They don't think England is a big team obviously. That should mean something to the English and hit hard and realize you need a shake up.

And massive congrats Iceland! I love teams who play with heart! (Offtopic yes but on the heart subject, Belgium finally decided to show up yesterday :D)

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14 May 2003
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You defended really well, and your counter-attacks involving one or two players were better, more confident and more accurate than any attacks England managed to put together all game with all ten players in your half.

Amazing performance - go on and win it. The Icelandic population might be 300,000 but you've got about 30,000,000 people on your side with the results you've got (especially after Cristiano's comments after the Portugal game).

To quote a post I saw on Twitter - as an Englishman I'm devastated, but as a human being, I'm delighted for Iceland.


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22 December 2001
Well done Iceland :RSCARF:
Performing that well makes me feel better. Your team beeing in our group was the main reason why Holland did nor qualify. Now people can understand better why Holland did not qualify ;)
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3 August 2003
It may seem easy to say now but I really wasn't kidding in the first post when I said England were on their way out.

The second we beat Austria and would face England I knew it was totally doable. With England usually botching things at this stage of a tournament, and having seen about 2 matches of theirs before (combining what I saw of their 3 matches) in the Euros, I knew all the pressure would be on them, and that they'd be likely to buckle under it. I don't remember which MOTD pundit said it (maybe Liniker himself) but it was something about this having been the easiest match for Iceland so far. Imagine that!

I also bet a little bit of money on the win and got 275 pounds out of it :D Gotta love those betting odds.

England has always been one of the teams I have supported in tournaments throughout the years. the Prem is huge in Iceland, we absolotely love it and every Icelander has an English team to support. But they just don't have the mentality for when the going gets tough. Hopefully this time they will be able to pull themselves together and put on good show... probably not in 2018 but maybe in 2020.


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22 December 2001
Bit off topic, but maybe the Premier league is Englands problem. Too many foreign players on important places in the clubs. Young English players get only few chances ( with exceptions to the young Man Utd players ). But next year ( under Morinho ) I think even those young Utd players will not get enough chances to grow.


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8 January 2002
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England's problem is a large part of the press, sadly this will never change...

I love Iceland, but they are overhyped.

The second goal was a very good goal (although Hart normally never lets those in), but for the rest they play rather intelligent counter football (but not fantastic like the best Man United team could) and they play with heart (i.e. on or over the edge).

England can replay that match 10 times, they will win it every single time, but credit to Iceland. Both their CB's were fantastic (especially the one who plays for Krasnodar) and Gylfi Sigurdsson might be an inspiration for Ronaldo. Here is a star player who plays for the team.


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8 September 2006
Cape Town, South Africa
Well done to your team mate. Wish the argies had that much positive energy in finals ffs. At the end of the day it's confidence and execution that wins football games more than anything.

Agreed with Gerd the media overhype and the team sort of expect to win because the believe the hype themselves. Having said that England will be alot better with a proper coach. Hodgson was clueless,how he lasted this long is a mystery.


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18 May 2006
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Well done Iceland! Congrats on your great tournament!
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