New Mercedes car

after showing us a 3D render of their car Williams has officially presented their car today. I must say, it looks the least developed car this year so far, even Sauber looks like it has put more thought into their car
We weren't supposed to see this one until tomorrow...Haas


Only two teams left to show what they got: Red Bull and Toro Rosso
Yeah, nothing strange at this point in the year, though I expected to see more today.

And Toro Rosso has new look. Rumors were that they will adopt Red Bull Sugarfree colors, but instead they went with Red Bull Cola
Force India will compete in new pink livery in 2017 after reaching agreement with BWT which insists that cars under their sponsorship compete in pink
Williams and Haas have both launched their cars for next year.

But looking at the Williams they have a semi shark fin, I thought that was banned this season?
Shark fins, as they were on the car last year, are indeed banned. But FIA allowed some space still to have them in this smaller form on the car because teams agreed to use that space on the car to put driver's numbers there. T-wings were also banned in a form they were appearing last year, though teams still can have them in lower positions just ahead of rear wings (as seen on Ferrari's new car).

PS: Here are all new cars that have been show up until now:



Alfa Romeo Sauber:

Red Bull:


Last two cars were presented today:
Force India:

Toro Rosso:

Today was the first day of testing. Top 3 were as usual, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes.
Things worth noting:
- McLaren still has problems in testing even though they have switched to Renault. Today the problem was with nut that holds wheel on the car. Right rear wheel came loose and fell off from Fernando's car through the last corner just few laps in launching him into the gravel trap. Because of that McLaren spent quite some time in the garage.
- Honda seems to have solved their reliability problems now with Toro Rosso. Last year they managed only 40 laps on day one and that is after they had changed the PU in the launch break. This year Toro Rosso managed to complete 100km of filming day driving at Misano without a problem with 433km more today (93 laps).
- COO of Force India has stated that there is high probability that team will change its name before first race in Australia
Something's strange in F1 this year. Toro Rosso, powered by Honda has used only one engine through all 4 days in first winter test. For comparison, McLaren used two brand new engines on the first day alone last year. They were also the team with most laps done through those 4 days. And to top it all off, they were among the fastest on the straights with 333.3km/h measured in speed trap before braking zone for T1. Only 3 drivers went faster than Gasly in Toro Rosso: Hamilton in Mercedes, Magnussen in Haas and Vettel in Ferrari

Here is the number of laps done by each team in all 4 days. It is in Croatian because I made it originally for different forum, but here are translations:
Poz. = Position, Momčad = Team, 1. dan = day 1, 2. dan = day 2, 3. dan = day 3, 4. dan = day 4, Ukupno = Total

Underlined numbers mean that more than one driver drove that car on that day (usually one in the morning and other in afternoon)
Lots of changes for next season, regarding drivers:
- Fernando Alonso will be leaving McLaren F1 Team and F1 altogether at the end of the season. He will be replaced by Carlos Sainz Jr.
- Stoffel Vandoorne will be out of the McLaren F1 Team, as team has opted to promote their academy driver Lando Norris.
- Daniel Ricciardo will leave Red Bull Racing for Renault Sport F1 Team
- Pierre Gasly will be promoted from Toro Rosso to Red Bull Racing
- Kimi Raikkonen will be leaving Scuderia Ferrai as he has agreed a two year deal to return to Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team, team with which he made his F1 debut in 2001.
- It is almost a certain and we are only waiting for official confirmation that Charles Leclerc will be replacing Kimi Raikkonen in Ferrari for next two seasons.

So, grid for next year is currently looking like this:

- Haas will almost certainly keep Magnussen, while Grosjean may be out of the team. Rumors regarding possible replacements are: Perez, Ocon, Giovinazzi
- Racing Point Force India will probably confirm Lance Stroll as one of their drivers since his father has purchased the team. Other driver is to be chosen probably between Perez and Ocon
- Toro Rosso has, by their own admission has a 10-name list for places in the team. Some of them are: Brendon Hartley, Sebastien Buemi, Daniil Kvyat
- Sauber will probably keep Marcus Ericsson in the 2nd car, while if they choose not to they will probably get Antonio Giovinazzi who is Ferrari's academy driver
- Williams will probably have an all Russian lineup in Sergey Sirotkin and Artem Markelov. They will loose lots of money because of Lawrence Stroll buying Force India and Martini ending their partnership at the end of this season.
Today a concept design of F1 car according of rules that are being prepared for 2021 season. Goal with those rules is to keep cars fast, but enable them to closely follow each other to make for better racing and dropping of a DRS system
I don't like his whining too, but it somewhat makes sense to keep him in. I mean, Perez is mostly secure in Force India, Giovinazzi was confirmed in Sauber via Ferrari since they can choose one driver in a team and Sauber made their choice when they choose Kimi. Ocon would probably get a place in most teams, but nobody wants him while he is tied with Mercedes
New race has been confirmed for 2020. season: Vietnamese GP

As for next season: Calendar is practically unchanged from this season though there won't be 3 races in 3 weeks like we had this year with France, Great Britain and Austria.

There are few aerodynamic rule changes for 2019:
- Front wings will be wider than in 2018 (they will stretch for a full 2m widht of a car). All different flaps and winglets above the outer portion of the wings are banned, maximum allowed number of wing elements on each side is set at a maximum of 7 (in recent years it wasn't odd to see up to 12 elements). That was done in order to have wings move less air around the car instead of over it thus enabling easier following for the car behind
- Bargeboards (quite a large elements on the side of cockpits between front wheels and sidepods) will be stretched a bit forward, but reduced in heights. That was made on request made by teams so that they don't loose performance, while lower bargeboards will enable them tu put larger logos on cockpit sides without them being hidden.
- Rear wings have been made even wider and a bit higher to balance front wing changes
- Mirrors will now have strictly defined dimensions and position as to ensure good visibility behind and that they are not used for aerodynamic benefit with sacrificed visibility.

It was all done in a bid to make it easier to follow closely behind car ahead to promote overtaking. Though, it was just the latest in a huge line of knee-jerk changes in F1 that was made after a dull Australian GP. As it usually is with knee-jerk changes in F1 this one won't do anything that was intended as AMuS reports that Red Bull engineers have already managed to get to the same level of downforce as this year and even above it and that wind tunnel tests show little to none improvement in following another car.
10 years in contract so far, finally my dream come true :APPLAUD: i can watch F1 in my country, not only on TV but I don't like this road also this map.
Honda engine so amazing, very disappointed with Ferrari. Almost people predict position from 1st to 4th: Merc-Merc-Fer-Fer but Verstappen appear in third :CONFUSE: Although it's first race of season but i think no team can beat Mercedes.
Vote Mazepin for driver of the day. Thousands of people are in on the joke. We can actually so this.😂

TBH the driver of the day is normally pretty rubbish.
How Lewis Hamilton wins driver of the day for having the best car on the grid and a shite team mate, it should be given to the person who overachieves the most, so today probably should of been Leclerc.
Or possibly Mazepin for finishing last and not crashing out and coming within 1.5 seconds of his team mate - That is massive for Mazepin for actually finishing a grand prix.
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