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21 May 2006
Is anyone interest Formula 1? If yes, what do you think about this year winner? Who will win? Schumacher or Alonso? Two races to the end. I think Schumi will win on Suzuka, but i want to know what do you think.
Yes I am interested in F1 and Yes please Mr Schumacher win your final title in your final season :)

Sure im interested if Kimi "räkä" Räikkönen does well. Last race was very interesting to watch because of wet track and you could see better overtakings. Schumacher always seems to find some way to get into the top 3 in races, it seems that He will win the championchip on his last year too, but you never know how the last 2 races go.
Next year ill be routing for Raikkonen to win the title for Ferrari :) anything to beat Alonso after his comments about the FIA handing the title to Schumacher.

I hope Schumi wins.. just to shut that cunt Briatore up. I also hope Massa finishes his last 2 games well, hes got some talent. The new Polish racer also seems to be very talented.
I hope Schumi wins itt, partly cause he's a great driver and he deserves to go out on a major high.

And partly because Alonso is the most pompous, whiniest twat I've ever seem
what do you think about the rising star Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber???

for me (of course) pretty good boy
Very good race on Suzuka! I think Alonso will be World Champion, because I don't belive Schumi can win in Brazil and Alonso would be without points. Good end with nice fight between Heidfeld and Kubica. I think he can be World Champion in a few years;)
bulwa-boy said:
what do you think about the rising star Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber???

for me (of course) pretty good boy

Kubica has a helluva lot of talent, and he's really young as well. He can definately be a contender for champion in a few years.

I'd like him to stay at BMW as well, cause I like the team and it would be nice to potentially see 4 teams fighting for the lead
matherto said:
Kubica has a helluva lot of talent, and he's really young as well. He can definately be a contender for champion in a few years.

I'd like him to stay at BMW as well, cause I like the team and it would be nice to potentially see 4 teams fighting for the lead

I agree with you. I hope Kubica will stay at BMW, it's young team and they can be great team in a few years. It was fantastic Theissen's decision to make Kubica race driver.
oh yeah, I really liked when the "boss" (???) said to Kubica (at the suzuka race) "go on pass Heidfeld" it shows that he doesnt think that Kubica should stay behind the more advanced guy.

good thinking by BMW.
So what speeds do these formula one cars usually race at? There is a large span in speeds but a ball park number that you would be able to use in conversation is about 300 kph - 190 mph - 85 m/s. The Grand Prix with the highest average speed in history was the 1971 Italian Grand Prix, won by Peter Gethin at an average speed of 242.615 kph (150.744 mph) on the Monza circuit. In 1998, the fastest Grand Prix was the Italian, won by Michael Schumacher at an average of 237.591 kph (147.633 mph). The highest speed recorded during practice in 1998 was 244.413 kph (151.971 mph), which was set at Monza by Eddie Irvine and lastly the highest straight line speed recorded during a Grand Prix, which I have already stated, season was set by David Coulthard in the 1998, at 356.5 kph (221.5 mph), during the German Grand Prix. The lowest average speed of a Grand Prix winner in 1998 was 141.458 kph (87.898 mph), and was recorded by Mika Hakkinnen in the Monaco Grand Prix.

BAR Honda Unofficially Sets F1 Speed Record at Mojave Airport 266 mph 421 km/h

some year 2003 made comparisons (Now F1 has V8 engines exept some team use regulated V10 from last year)

Heres all you need to know(Nice read for all F1 watchers)

Too radical F1 cars:


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After qualifying I think that Massa will win tomorrow. Schumi had problems, probably with engine, so I think he can't win tomorrow and Alonso will be world champion. I'm curious who will win constructors chamionship. Very interesting is also fight between BMW and Toyota about 5th place. I would like to know what do you think-who will win tomorrow race and who will win constructors championship?
Yeah. that was one race i enjoyed watching schumacher because i knew he was retiring after that :) I hope next year there will be more drivers fighting for wins and we will see great GPs.
Yeah. Schumi was great yesterday. After his first pit-stop I didn't believe that he can advance on 4th position. I thought he will finish without points in his last race. He drove perfectly but I think Ferrari made great car for this last race.
Schumi was fantastic driver. Without him Formula 1 will not be the same. I hope in next year we will see a lot of great drivers. Maybe new Renault driver Kovalainen will be good. Of course I will support Kubica and I'm happy that he stay at BMW with Heidfeld.
I'm waiting for new Formula1 season now.
Schumacher was getting very old to be behind the wheel of a car like an F1 car and he was a danger to himself and everyone around him so they pressurised him into retiring. Apparently he got a sweet contract from Ford to demote himself back to go-kart racing in one of their buggies. What do you guys think of this? Is it a good move for him or should he have come to the USA and try his luck with Indy Car Racing?
1994,1995,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004 7even WC 68 POLES,91 WINS,M.S. He will remain the greatest for me no matter if someone manage to beat his record/s,he was the reason that i started watching F1 since 94,thanks for the memories!!!!You were and you will be the best!!!!!!!!!
I don't know, personally I would like to see him behind the wheel of a Monster Truck or a Drag Racer or something of that nature. Just to see if he can handle a high performance car that takes real skill to control rather than a simple automated F1 car where all you have to do is practically sit there and turn the wheel. The way F1 is going, anybody could be the next champion.
I have to agree with dermot here. F1 is a very simple sport and I wonder how well Schumacher will do in, lets say squash. I think we will see the real talent of this German bockwurst then!
Bulwa, have you ever driven a F1 car yourself? I thought so yes. So how could you possibly judge about this then? Be fair dude, Schumacher was lucky, just like Pete Sampras was in tennis and Clyde Drexler in b-ball. A fluke, that's what we call that over here. Don't hype all these sportsmen because of what they achieved.
Let me give you an example: Mike Powell has the long jump world record... 8.95 mtr. But did they mention the amount of wind? With a wind like that, I'd probably jump from Madrid to Paris. See things in perspective dude.
You have to explore every single avenue before idolising somebody of Sachumachers calibre. Look at Michael Jordan. Everybody says he was great. When I show you these 2, would this make you reconsider?

SCOTTIE PIPPEN - One of the greatest multitalented set up men in NBA history, laid the rock off perfectly for Michael every possession and made his job look easy, he could do it all, post up, dribble to the rack and throw down the slam dunk, or fire laser rockets from beyond the 3.


DENNIS RODMAN - One of the greatest low post defensive players on Jordans Bulls team, a key component in making Jordan a winner.


So how can you not say the same for Schumacher. Look at the technology available to him in his sport compared to a snooker player who only has a piece of wood and a bit of chalk.
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