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That's the few lines I am using with v1 together with the mod I shared in my mess thread. Sliders set to default.
I am currently playing with the RFS app where it feels like teams are playing more to their standards, because of the way leagues are emulated, but also the dynamical players stats throughout the seasons.

//Use rotating adboards instead of animated ones globally.

//Force tournament decorations in all matches.


//Force crowd distribution. 0=normal, 1=neutral





Thanks! That's more or less what I have as well.
I finally find my happy place with sliders. It's incredible how this game can change with them and differs a lot from its default iteration. There was a lot of depth under the hood of this FIFA.

I leave them here if someone want to try,but I guess there are not much different from what you tryed before.
I am not writing the slide i kept to 50

I use the same sliders for both user and CPU, PS4 version 1.00, slow speed.

Speed 48 : better inertia, makes agile players shine more

Acceleration 50 :it's important don't lower this slide,cause it will make the cpu dumb and not reactive to your dribbling's attempts.

Pass error 55
Pass Speed 47

Marking 38 : this is the most important change, with run frequency,in my opinion. Lower the marking will make the cpu' defensive line harder to break and dribble through..

Run frequency 2 : on real mateches we don't see players keep running everywhere. This works good with low marking and allows the cpu to use a lot more variety while attacking.
As players we need to build up properly our attack,more than before

Full backs 70: Just a personal prefence, cause i think they stay too much back with 50

First touch 60: again,a personal prefence.
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I think its a problem with some players hair. Check in "edit player" one player after another (those who were in the first squad and on the bench) of both team and you will find the problem i think. Or you can check in the replay by navigating from player to player with the close cam to find the glitchy player. Then erase the problem player's hair files in sceenassets and regenerate. For the ball i think its set as specificball in sceenassets for each competition. Therefore even if you choose a ball in game it will only show the one set in sceenassets/ball/specificball. Erase the specificballs files or the specificball for the competition you are playing and regenerate too. I encountered these problems too and the methods above solved them, hope it helps you.

PS: to find a players ID in order to erase the hair files, you can check it with DB master in your DB in the teamplayerlinks table i think.
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