EA 2 - Konami 0


2 November 2004
This is NOT a FIFA or PES sucks kinda thread so try to stay open minded...

Now with the Leipzig Games Convention a few days behind us, and while we've seen all the video's that are out there, examined each and every images and read every interview available on the mather of next-gen football. It's an interesting time that lays ahead of us. EA vs Konami, FIFA 07 up against Pro Evo 6 on the Xbox 360. About two months before release we're able to make a kind of "halftime" evaluation between these two massive games.

Everything has already been said on this forum from a gamers point of few so I'm not going in to that. At this point, when none of us has really played either games extensively were not really capable of making a final judgement. At this stage it's probably more interesting to let the developers speak through a couple of interviews they gave last week:

FIFA 07:


Pro Evo 6:

After reading what both sides had to say it is clear that EA and Konami are heading in a totaly different direction at this point. It's clear Konami is not fully focusing on next-gen just yet. When reading the Seabass interview it's almost like they're not in this project with their hearts. They rely heavily on the succes they have experienced on the current consoles. So much that they think the Japanes giant can win this round with only a little effort. There aren't any big improvements, gameplay is still the same, added a few animations and even the graphics (the easiest part for a developer as big as Konami to show your game is worthy of the "next-gen" title) fail to impress so it seems.
EA on the other hand really made an investment in next-gen football. Forming special development en R&D teams that are trying to jump to this next level in videofootballgaming. Maybe FIFA 07 still won't be able to win the hearts of every PES-fan this year, but the path they chose to follow sure does look interesting.

Of course a lot of us are going to get both games when they're released. But the big question is: what game will eventually stick in your console a few months later down the line? As a PES admirer I'm not sure this season. FIFA World Cup on the 360 wasn't that bad, and that didn't have all the stuff in it that FIFA 07 producer Hugues Ricour is talking about.
If Konami doesn't start to take this next-gen serious they really have to start looking behind them, EA is on their tail ready to overtake them.

Halftime score: EA 2 - Konami 0

To be continued...
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23 February 2004
i agree 100%

at this moment in time Fifa 2007 has me more intrigued, i mean i love pro evo but from what iv'e seen so far i suppose i was expecting a hell of alot more from konami


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22 December 2001
I don't agree.
Why is FIFA rewriting the whole engine?
Because their game sucked sofar.

Why is Konami not changing too much?
Because they have a game with fantastic gameplay!

Sure, there are things to improve for Konami but gameplaywise they only will tweak things and that is just what they do.

How can you place a post like this and say it is not a Fifa or PES sucks-topic? The way you formulated it, it will turn out that way...


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23 February 2004
you answered your own question mate

yeah fifa re-wrote their game because it wasn't great, but at the same time it would be nice for konami to try and improve also...nothing's perfect

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13 April 2005
It is a FIFA vs PES post, but I dont see it as a FIFA or PES sucks-topic, he's saying something about both companies, and he's not saying one is better than the other.


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4 August 2005
i love the pro evo series, but how good or realistic can a game get? i'm on WE10 all the time, and its near perfect...konami must have come very close to peaking, whereas FIFA are improving all the time, sooner or later they will be on par, then its a straight choice of which one you want, and with all the teams and licenses FIFA has, there's only gonna be one winner.
but whatever happens the next few months are going to be very interesting for us footy gamers no matter which side of the pro evo v FIFA your on!
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9 May 2003
hahaha this thread is funny, EA has devoted tons of money and r and d teams before, and there product SUCKS... so they can spend all the money they want, until they put out a game that is better then konami's then konami is going to be barcelona and EA is going to continue to be Inter Milan..

Barca 5 Inter 0

so i just read the interview, with the exception of the online stuff, konami have been doing what the developer has been talking about since the first PES or WE... this stuff is nothing new to us..
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11 November 2001
As much as I agree Konami are doing a terrible job of updating their franchise while EA strives to do as much as possible, EA's best is still way, way short of Konami's worst when it comes to playing the football.


P.S. Have no idea why people ever buy both, they're aimed at the same market.


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29 June 2005
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Alright, this will be my first and (hopefully) only comment about the the way alot of people percieve pPES6 on the 360 (even though its not out yet :roll:
Firstly i really, honestly, truthfully, (etc) still dont understand why some people are "disappointed" so to speak about PES6 on 360, i mean what did you expect?
- 360 players movements?
- all the leagues available?
- kit textures to die for, with every single part of rooneys body scanned and mo-capped progressively changing and addapting to the lovely weather in real time?
- linesmen running along the lines ocasionally bumping into the managers, who sometimes you can clearly see at the dugout with thier acuurately modelled earpiece talking to the chairman of the board?
- accurately reproduced spots on ronaldinho's face and every other player in the game?
- studds on the boots ocationally unscrewing itself and falling onto the pitch, with the players looking for them when not in possesion of the ball?
- free flowing hair (every single strand reproduced graphically), with water dripping off them?
- grass that grows in thier respective pitches during the summer (in real time)? :lol:
Seriously alot of people need to wake up and taste the cofee here, for one, its only a video game and i know its probably possible at some point to add most of the stuff i listed above with next-gen hardware, but as everything else time is the key factor, experience is something you cant buy or just suddenly come up with, you earn it and thats what made konami and every other decent developer out there.
Secondly konami comes up and says they've been working on a next gen PES for the past 2 years, so they release PES6 on the 360 and everyone automatically jumps to conclusion that "Konami is crap, they had 2 good solid years to work on this title and suddenly they basically come up with a polished up winning eleven 10 with upped graphics, textures and the lot", let me bring you to the light (all the moaners, btw keep an eye on the highlighted words) PES is always and has always been a touched up, translated version of the winning eleven franchise, which only means that the winning eleven series will always be the benchmark for the revolution of the series with sony playstation being thier most important (console wise) as they are big worldwide especially in japan unlike microsoft.
So basically what am i trying to say? yes you are right that PES6 on the 360 from the little we've seen is IMO a very, nicely done polish (not a straight port) of winning eleven 10 on the ps2, next year we'll all see true next-gen (even more exciting) on both PS3 and xbox360, if its anything close to PES6 on the 360, i'll never come back here EVER!!:shock: , i'm saying that with confidence because i know it will be miles better on the new engine!! trust me ;) .
In all fairness EA had two go's with the fifa franchise and we all know how that turned out (with RTWC and WC06), if anything it was no where close to this konami's first "port" (to say the least), if you want just take it that they felt sorry for you playing PES5 on your respective 360's so they nicely (out of the good of thier hearts) made a winning eleven 10 based game to keep you lot up to date ;)
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Yeah, I think the fact that EA are redoing their engine says a lot. It takes years and many versions to perfect a game engine so FIFA07 - whilst an improvement on the past - still may not be up the standards that PES has set.

EA seem very insistant on throwing gimmicks at their sports titles too. I don't want golf type swing-o-meters for free kicks. I don't want tickers scrolling across the bottom irritating the hell out of me. I don't want a blatent rip-off of PES!

This year they've even knicked the R2 shot. Konami should start talking to their lawyers at this rate. :roll:


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4 April 2005
i know that konami want let as down, even if pes6 maybe want be complitly new nex-gen game, that doesnt mean the game will be crap, far from it, they gameplay will be fantastic as always,(unlike pes5) and we all will be playng the game like crazy, for many many many months especialy xbl lag free.
fifa 2007 looks to be big gameplay improvment this year, from what we read so far, but i pesonaly found it hard to belive them, as they (EA) been lying evry yare, sayng that how much the gameplay has change, and they end up disseppointing they fans year in year out. but seeing it in the bright side, ea as an experienced next-gen as they already relised 2 world cup games, + having a new producer for fifa2007(unlike Danny Isac) as he like simulation football, and he plant to take fifa in that directin, (as he is copyng pes in every corner) fifa got very good chance this year, if he keeps his words, what he promised, about the new engine+ the ball movments no longer being attached to players fit etc... then if he pulls that out, i will have to get both games. well we will wait and c how the game turns out
what maters to me is, to be playing the most realistic simulation football game, i don't care which company is delivering the game.

sorry for my spelling


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29 June 2005
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psimonius said:
Yeah, I think the fact that EA are redoing their engine says a lot. It takes years and many versions to perfect a game engine so FIFA07 - whilst an improvement on the past - still may not be up the standards that PES has set.

EA seem very insistant on throwing gimmicks at their sports titles too. I don't want golf type swing-o-meters for free kicks. I don't want tickers scrolling across the bottom irritating the hell out of me. I don't want a blatent rip-off of PES!

This year they've even knicked the R2 shot. Konami should start talking to their lawyers at this rate. :roll:
:lmao: I know, in order for fifa to be successfull in terms of being a competition to PES, they need a lot (and i mean a lot) of people with inovation and inventive ideas, because TBH nobody wants to buy two totally different games only for them to have the same gameplay and at the rate EA are going, in 2010 PES and Fifa will basically be the same game and thats not good for the industry. Or Konami can sue them not for money but for thier FA premiership licence :)
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25 August 2006
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That fifa video looks great. i think i may have to buy my first fifa since world cup 98.


In my opinion its EA 1 - 1 Konami.

Why? because EA as usual has the tarty graphics and it looks good on the 360 (Not PS2 or Xbox or PC! its the same as 06) But Konami as usual the gameplay is good, much better than EA's usual efforts so I think its 1-1, until I play PES6 and FIFA 07 that scoreline wont change.



18 July 2003
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All this boasting about player weight and the ball being detached from the players same bullshit from EA every year. Seeing as how the national and club teams for France and Spain are licnced this year I can't see why FIFA should sell at all in those countries this year.

Kenny M

i watched that interview and the guy said 'we are re-inventing football'.

right. how do you do that? what are they gonna call it? soccerball?
7 August 2004
Im really curious how the fifa one will turn out. Offcourse they say the same old pr rubbish each year, however this version they have actually "made" the gameplay like pes in the freeform that it has(well lets hope so). Ball has separate physics and entity. Thats one of the things that has made pes so good over the years. I dont expect it to be any better then pes, but if it can come close then ill be jumping over for the first time since 98. Pes ML is so poor its ridiculous, and its an easy part to improve. PES360 hasnt suprised me as i wasnt expecting much, however they have still not mentioned any extra teams and they have said they want to change the ml for future versions, ie its still the same old shit! I mostly play single player ml and im tired of having the same old matches each time. If fifa can come close, and lets face it, what they are describing as new is pretty much the same as what pes has had for years, then it could turn out to finally be a decent game.

Score imo would be 1-1 atm, fifa options - pes gameplay


30 June 2005
EA won't get any money from me, isn't EA telling us every year they made a new engine. I just warning you because EA is a big marketing machine!
Look at the freekick goal of ronnie in the interview video, that net looks like brick to me, it's awful. Don't we all love it when we score great goals getting pimples when the ball is nicely going in the net of the goal...
My prediction is (like every year) if you buy FIFA you will have fun with it for one month then you will find one method to score from the exact spot over and over again and the fun will be over...
And what is so special about getting online rss feeds from football news, i've got internet right?...not mentioning the gameplay becaus then this post will be to long, hehe...


Plus if my team is on ill be watching them Live in Sky and not playing FIFA :)



Your going to spend a mass amount of money on a PS3.... only to risk it by chipping it? Blu Ray writers cost how much?? Mate the words Fantasy shortly followed by world come into mind.
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