Your FIFA World Cup 2014 - XII Dream team + manager


5 August 2003
This was not just addressed to you, but also to ZeroTheHero ;)
From my point of view nearly all matches are important - maybe Columbias third match was not that important ;)
KO stage matches are aswell important - also the finals.

But as mentioned above those matches declared as most important etc. is nonsense to me. Becaus if you play bad in quarter finals or even in groupstage before you are out of the tournament and will never reach the finals - so the matches upfront are important in the same way: win to proceed = win to get the cup ;)

Yeah, sorry, I did not get the 30% issue the first time i have read it ;)
For me it does not have such a big impact what happens in the last two matches of each remaining team.

For example: If Sneijder would decide the final by a FK - he would still not get into my team, because he underperformed nearly the whole tournament. Or even if robben will fail to perform well the last two matches I will not move him out, because he was great until the semis - though I hate him for acting, diving and claiming.

Maybe there will be some changes in my team aswell, e.g. Khedira <> Pogba or Müller <> Kroos - I don't know.
Yesterday they performed great - Kroos nearly the whole tournament and I was struggling to chose Müller over him, BUT I will not just take the match against Brazil as a reference. Germany was quite good and efficient, but at the same time Brazil was not that strong, especially after the 0:1.

So I will also keep an eye on the players in the last 3 matches and maybe afterwards I will change my team slightly. ;)

See, that's actually all I wanted to hear. :P
At least consider the possibility that an outstanding performance in these last four games could be enough to put a player over another. There are a couple of guys--like Kroos in my personal case--who were just a tad behind another player in my rankings, whose fantastic display yesterday made that last bit of difference. That can happen.

I feel the same about Robben, actually. Even if he does end up sucking in these last two matches, I don't see another guy on his position who was able to shine so constantly who he could fall behind after two hypothetical bad performances.


21 February 2006
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No love for Gonzalez? The guy was amazing for Costa Rica![/B

I almost put him in my team. He was very good, along with Gamboa and Bolaños.


30 December 2002

Alexis Sanchis

Manager Halilozdic (the guy in charge of Algeria)
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26 April 2008
I think this world cup was entertaining but it was just weak in quality (like an entertaining version of 2002). really having issues with making a stand-out XI.


26 April 2008
....................... courtois
zabaleta ..... vlaar ..... hummels ..... blind
..... kroos ..... mascherano ..... matuidi
........................ james
....... cuadrado ............... müller

coach: van gaal

might edit after the final but looks like this atm.
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