World Cup Predictions


Champions League
13 November 2003
Mexico / Türkiye
Winner: Brazil
Disappointment: Spain
Surprise: Mexico
Most Entertaining Team: France
Golden Boot: Benzema


23 June 2007
Rab, Croatia
Real Madrid, Hajduk Split
who will win the world cup: Spain
who will dissapoint: Brazil, Portugal, Germany
best goal scorer: I thought about C. Ronaldo but I don't see Portugal progressing very it is Suarez than
bigest surprise: Croatia
best young player (U21): Kovačić or Pogba


World Cup Winner
17 May 2008
German NT
Can we lock that thread after the start of the WC? Would be nice to see, how got the most points at the end of the tournament(meaning one correct prediction=one point).

Had to add my prediction for best young player, may it be, that someone changed the first post after my prediction? PIPA? :P


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21 June 2007
yes i made the change few minutes after i saw first post´s

agree, i will close it tomorow before the brazil - croatia match and reopen after the final ;)

then we can discouss again :D


23 August 2011
who will win the world cup: Brazil
who will dissapoint: Netherlands
best goal scorer: Suarez
biggest surprise: Belgium
best young player (U21): Pogba


Retired Footballer
7 January 2007
who will win the world cup: GERMANY
who will dissapoint: ARGENTINA
best goal scorer: DIEGO COSTA
biggest surprise: URUGUAY
best young player (U21): STERLING
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9 June 2010
St. Petersburg
Zenit SPb
who will win the world cup: Brazil
who will dissapoint: Belgium
best goal scorer: Luis Suarez
bigest surprise: Russia ( :)) )
best young player (U21): Paul Pogba


20 September 2013
Borussia Dortmund
who will win the world cup: Argentina
who will dissapoint: France
best goal scorer: Higuain
bigest surprise: USA
best young player (U21): Lukaku

I also predict that the official WC song doesn't get as much hate as it deserves... fine female specimens though but that guy is just an awul performer.
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9 November 2010
3 out of 5 baby. Should've put Germany as the Winners though, knew they would make it to the finals, just didn't believe they'd win it. Anyway 3/5 good score nonetheless.


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
winners: Deutschland, I believe they are the best
disappointment: Uruguay/Netherlands, I don't think they are the same
golden boot: Ronaldo, cause he will have to do it all
surprise: Japan, they've been in Brazil recently and they've almost got it right, now they will
best young player: I don't even know who is U21 and/or nothing about them anyway :P

Ha! at least I got the champions right.

The rest though :FACEPALM:

Ernesto Lee

Mutant Atheist Player
2 October 2007
Rio De Janeiro
Flamengo - HOP SUISSE!
who will win the world cup: ____Brasil(very strong playing home), but I would love to see either Argentina or Uruguay.

who will dissapoint: ____Germany
best goal scorer: ____Lukaku, Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo
bigest surprise: ____Switzerland and Cote D´Ivoire
best young player (U21): ____Lukaku


maybe Switzerland...a little...


Sth, sth ... dark side
29 September 2013
SL Benfica
Who will win the World Cup: Brazil
Who will disappoint: Spain (Semis only I think. Altought that is not really disappointment. It's just that the bar is set too high for them) and Germany (Quarters-finals)
Top scorer: Neymar
Biggest surprise: Chile
Best young player (U21): Pogba

Pogba saved my face :). Chile was also a suprise coming out of that group, but Costa Rica stole the show. Neymar was in the discussion. Spain was a even bigger disappointment. Germany was great, obviously. :P


26 May 2004
Hong Kong / Toronto
Man Utd
Winner: Brazil
Disappointment: Italy, France
Surprise: Uruguay (or Japan)
Most Entertaining Team: Germany
Golden Ball: Thiago Silva
Golden Boot: Neymar
Golden Glove: Júlio César
Best Young Player: Does Neymar count? if not, Pogba will be the light in a disappointing French team.

Germany was entertaining...i guess?
Pogba was the only one I got right...sad


Stroking Silva's Hair
27 July 2012
Manchester City
Winner: Germany
Disappointment: Spain
Surprise: Costa Rica
Most Entertaining Team: Colombia
Golden Ball: Messi will win it but James Rodriguez will deserve it
Golden Boot: James Rodriguez
Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer will win it but Keylor Navas will deserve it
Best Young Player: Paul Pogba



26 April 2008
Winner: Germany
Disappointment: Belgium (same with HD3011, just too much fuss, not that they will really disappoint I guess)
Surprise: Netherlands & England
GoldenBall: Lahm
BestU21: Lukaku
GoldenBoot: Messi
GoldenGlove: Julio Cesar

dutch was a surprise I think so 2/8. :(


World Cup Winner
17 May 2008
German NT
You know he just made that up? :LOL:

Winner: Brazil
Disappointment: One of the European teams, most probably Italy or England (because of my "biggest surprise"-prediction)
Best scorer: Neymar
Biggest surprise: One of the South American teams, highest chances to me has Uruguay; fear that Chile will fail to advance to the elimination rounds
Best young player (U21): Romelu Lukaku

Only right guess was the disappointment, although I expected a different team to disappoint even more than the two I mentioned.


World Cup Winner
17 May 2008
German NT
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