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Women's Football Thread


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
Incredible form... I need more angles Im very interested in her tats. So, I need closer photos and I'm curious to see what they mean.


30 October 2009
As many must've heard, FIFA 16 will feature 12 women's national teams.




26 May 2004
Hong Kong / Toronto
Man Utd
So the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off and here are the scores so far. Did any of you catch the action?


Canada 1:0 China

New Zealand 0:1 Netherlands

Norway 4:0 Thailand

Germany 10:0 Ivory Coast

Germany really putting on a show with a 10:0 victory and look strong to go all the way. Where as the hosts needed a 89th minute penalty to get past China.

USA, Japan and Sweden, the other favourites, are all up today.


World Cup Winner
16 July 2011
A ridiculous penalty for Canada too. I watched that game and the Netherlands game, nice goal by Martens. The Dutch goalkeeper is only 168cm.


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
Im trying to watch it ,but it seems too one-sided matches and the lvl of GK is shocking. I see the U.S. and can`t get excited by their win I see others jumping up and down w/ glee . Im just watching to see whose easy to look at. I became my wife when she watches men footy lol .

Japan vs Swiss , the swiss #10 just ran clueless w/ the ball made me chuckle, no passing ,or looking to create just running somewhere to get nowhere.

Thailand don`t know how to kick,control ,nor run.
Ivory Coast were admiring German women, that look taller and stronger then men.

Carles P.

4 October 2017
non of these ESL clubs
I hope it is ok to revive this thread for our best parts, women football.

This YT channel is the official DAZN women UCL channel. in Germany you need to pay to watch dazn streams. But this on YT is for all free.

So lets talk abou the girls.

WC tournement from 20th of july to 20th of august 2023. The german squad have so much great talents. Klara Bühl, Jule Brand and Tabea Waßmuth are one of these.

Carles P.

4 October 2017
non of these ESL clubs
Germany won against turkey 8:0 today in a WC qualification match. This was so much fun! :DANCE:

But I feel, I'm the only one with these interests. :TUMBLE:

Flipper the Priest

15 July 2003
I watched the highlights of England vs Latvia and and it was painful viewing. While I don't advocate it for the men's game, I think weaker nations - while they develop - should only play opponents of an generally equal standard.
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