With the recent increase of exclusive club licensing deals from Konami, what are the odds of EA adding a deeper editor into their game?


16 May 2019
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It might be weird to say this, but my favorite mode in PES isn't ML, BAL or MyClub, it's the editor.
Older PES games allowed me to see how many hours i spent on each mode, out of the top of my head i can recall PES 2010 and PES 2012 letting me see this, and the editor was always up there.

It's just fun, i love designing crests and kits, then putting them into the game and seeing how they look on the pitch, it's a fun way to give more identity to the team you're playing as, it's also a way to make each season feel unique, since you associate a certain kit you made with a certain campaign or big match. It also allows me to play in kits without a bunch of sponsors, clean, which is how it looks best i think.

A couple of years back i got my PS4 and it came with FIFA 19 bundled in, my first real FIFA, so i gave it a shot and didn't like it, the gameplay just never clicked for me, however i could see myself being way more forgiving if i could at least have an editor like PES, even though the main reason i missed PES was the gameplay, i also couldn't stop thinking of how boring it was to not being able to play with my own kits, eventually i bought a cheap copy of PES 2018, with it's wonderful editor and all, and never looked back, if FIFA 19 had that same editor perhaps i'd still be playing it tbh.

Still, we all know that the main reason PES has an editor this deep isn't for custom teams, crests and kits, it's to make up for the lack of licensing and allow us to put the real crests and kits into the game, being able to make your own thing is just a bonus, and FIFA doesn't struggle with licenses at all, which is why they haven't bothered with it for the last decade, since FIFA 11's Creation Center i believe, however recently PES has been more agressive with it's licensing deals, exclusive licensing deals, and we got things like Piemonte Calcio and Roma FC, for example.

There's also the matter of FIFA being more negletful of certain countries compared to PES, like Brazil, where PES has a few exclusivity deals too, which leaves FIFA players stuck with an incomplete league, without being able to add the missing teams or edit them over fake ones, and mostly fake players, that can't be edited (If i recall correctly) and with a player creator that only allows the creation of up to 30 players (Again, if i'm recalling this right).

If this keeps up, and the demand from the player base to have an editor so they can fix these fake teams increases, do you believe EA could end up adding an editor this generation similar to how Konami does in their game?


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27 October 2020
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The creation center was there till Fifa 14
No one bothered with it since back then EA had almost every single License except Uefa Champions / Europa League
Now they're losing club deals and have incomplete Leagues but they got the Champions League license which they will milk alot for advertisement and marketing purposes
The chances are 50/50
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