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Copa Libertadores
19 December 2020
South America
Millonarios FC
And since we're talking about soundtracks: honourable mention for a song that I was listening to, by chance, while commuting this morning and which I had completely removed from my memory (which is featured in an old FIFA game, 2003 I think):
Man! What a coincidence! I was about to post this when I was talking about FIFA 2003 soundtrack, deciding between Ms. Dynamite and this one. Yes bro, this is a great song, it has that alternative/early indie rock sound that I really liked in the early 2000's! Sure brings back a lot of memories of browsing through the FIFA 2003 menus!



20 October 2013
Ever saw this? Recorded during quarantine. If ever someone can sing Pete's songs, it is Nick Holmes, fits perfectly.

I didn't know about it. Sounds fine, thank you.
I love Negative's and I have for ages.

p.s also early Paradise Lost, as Gothic, Lost Paradise. Yes, i love em too.
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