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25 August 2006
Just watching this now Awesome! @12.50 ish i hear other bands tracks that were obviously influenced by this. Paranoid- Black sabbath & Thin ice - Pink Floyd :) Does that sound about right?
Yeah that dazed and confused riff is so classic,goes in to something that sounds like paranoid by Sabbath ,well spotted


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30 August 2005
NOT Lombardia NA.
Wow dude, how much i loved this band....How many years have pasted basically....:SHOCK:
Ooooh yessss!
I used to love them too, back in the early '00s (the first album of theirs that I ever listened to was 'Americana' then I got to the older ones).
I still have several of their songs in the USB flash drive that I use in the car including 'Can't repeat' which is a song I like very much. Good ol' days.


15 December 2011
Great song, including one of the best keyboard solos of all time and he drinks his pint while he's playing it! He sadly died last year. :(

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