Weird issue with PS5 Digital Version.


25 October 2020
Hey guys so I have an interesting issue here.
So I have a PS5 and have the digital version of PES 2021. Now when replays come on, there's a strange line curved going from about mid right of my TV down to the bottom of my TV. It moves with the camera basically. Also the replay screen looks shocking, like the camera being used has marks on it and grainy lines. At first I thought damn my TV has a mark on it (one mark stands out more). Now I never remembered this on PES 2020 so I decided to download the disc version of that and surprise surprise absolutely nothing. The replays are fine and look clear as day. Just like the gameplay view. Now is this a problem on the game or is this just happening with my version ? The line is very light and it's like it could be a shadow or part of the camera, but it happens and any ground and every game. ONLY during replays. I'm stumped.
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