WE10 Co-op mode???

Nick Cave

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10 July 2004
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martd said:
Is it as bad as WE9 / PES5? Both players chasing the ball at the same time etc? (when playing Masters League)

like to know that too also the fact that the game would never give you the player in the centre area when you were attacking... annoyed me and my mate something shocking.. Coop made the game much harder in my opinion plus you lost super cancel!!


7 July 2003
North Wales
yeah can someone confirm that this has been solved, i play the game with mate through master league all the time and this gets on our nerves to say the least!!

trying to do fast flowing moves is a right pain constant pressing super cancels, and this stops the flow of the move!!

How game testers didn`t moan about this is beyone me!!

hopefully what junka said means they sorted it


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12 October 2003
Groningen, Holland
Yeah it is solved mate. I played numerous co-op matches and it is great. No more need for supercancel because players do not suddenly start running towards the ball when you select them.
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