WE : LiveWare Evolution on 9 March + ( official website )

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10 June 2005
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You do not pack and read the subtitle of the news well, it is not a question here of an intermediate Japanese version but well of a new Korean episode. After a WE9 stripped of online mode and K.League WE9 with the colors of their national football, Korean finally will be able to burst itself on parts on line with this WE9LE. Third opus in less than one year with the country of Park Ji-sung... in Europe, one would criticize for less than that!! In short, if point of view of gameplay one does not know too much if evolutions there will be, on the level of the modes of plays on the other hand, WE9LE should approach a PES5. The mode Korean Challenge disappears as well as the Asian clubs (that requires confirmation all the same) but, as its name indicates it, the play is mainly centered on the online mode with all the practical options that one knows to him. An official site was put on line with a presentation identical to Japanese grinding with classification online etc...
In short, Korea is now a country of football and sport electronic, Konami A included/understood well. Korean will be spoiled, the play will leave on March over there 9.


But there is a question !! What the deffrence between WE:I and WE:LE?


19 April 2005
Great news. It will be that the Konami also goes to launch the japanese version as every year?:roll: ;) :roll:


I dont get it..is this the Japanese version or the Korean one.. we always had FE, International and now LWE that were for Japan market..and now Korea... elaborate pls..


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Seems like it will be similar to we8le, johan....I don't think it will be too Korean-based as it needs to sell in Japan too...


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Its basically self explanatory its basically Pes 5 in Korean and its the first time they have had it online.
Doesnt have the asian teams or the Nippon challenge.
Probably the same game as the US release of WE9Int


I don´t know why konami just don´t do the same damn game for all... why 3 games per year, changing their name? That´s ridicolous.
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