30 December 2023
Vicente's Mods - My Patreon

Hi! I'm new to EAFC modding and to evoweb.
I've been modding FIFA 11 and PES 6/2021 for a few years now so I thought I could try modding the current game.

I am from Portugal and I've always wanted a fully licensed experience of our league!

This is my first try at making a mod - I'm open to corrections, advice and also requests if you want something in particular.

Liga Portugal Betclic static adboards
My take at the static adboards seen at some portuguese league matches. In real life, "Vito" and "Betclic" adboards are only on the floor near the goal but due to game limitations they also appear next to the sidelines.

These don't work in friendly, I don't even know if that's possible. But they were tested in Career Mode and work perfectly!

PTAdboards copy.png

Download (.fifamod):

Expect more "Liga Portugal" mods very soon! Hope there are more portuguese in this forum willing to make mods for our football :)
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