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Devil Cold52

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25 February 2014
Hello everyone

i made a youtube media downloader in my free time
and it works fine, you can download mp3 or mp4 from youtube

How to use

1: run Youtube Downloader.exe
2: Enter the music or video url from youtube in the addressBox
3: click to Start Download button and select any path (it will download to the location you choose)
4: wait a few and the download is complete

Author: Devil Cold52
Special Thanks: Bar arnon and OMANSAK,MediaToolkit.dll,James newton-King,Nil Project,Microsoft

Download Link

Tool is using Obfuscator Tool to protect the code. If your antivirus detect the file, it's false detection.


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Thanks man, much appreciated! Quick and easy. ☺️

Would you mind a couple of suggestions/questions?
  • Would you consider adding CLI support? So basically one could launch a .bat file with, say, a list of "Youtube downloader.exe video_link output_folder" commands and let the thing do its magic in the background (maybe even overnight).
  • Is there a way to select the output resolution for the video? Apparently they get downloaded at a width of 640 pixels (with the height varying accordingly) and I don't seem to find a way to change that.
Thank you, keep it up!
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