The Ups & Downs of PES over the Years...

2 December 2019
Hi All

I have been a PESGAMING community member for 8+ Years and I have seen the very best and the very worst of Pro Evolution Soccer over the years.

Started off in 1998(?) when I was in my youth, and this game had something special about it.

Going through the years up to PES 5 on the PS2 where I was convinced a football game could NOT get better than this.

Out came PES 2008 on the PS3 and I knew that this was a massive downturn in gameplay due to the new engine and console. BUT.......
by PES 2013 on PS3 & XBox 360, the game had hit those dizzy heights of greatness once again thanks to Konami's persistence on bringing back excellent game play.
I think we were all in love with PES 2013? Especially with all of the revolutionary kit editing and relinking of player faces. AND of course the Stadium Editor.

Out came PES 2014 on PS3 & XBox 360 but again, new engine, new gameplay, TERRIBLE faces and face build capabilities.

PES 2015 came out on PS4, improvements made but still not great - shows progression though, when compared to PES 2014.

PES 2016, much better game play, hugely improved face building tools and editor in general. Loved the Euro 2016 update too, but still no Stadium Editor or Team Exporter / Importer. BUT - progression was apparent and very much looking forward to PES 2017.

PES 2017 - AMAZING, loads of proper Legends, great game play offline as well as online - a good balance between ML, BAL and My Club - I actually spent £200.00 on getting ALL Legends for MyClub.

PES 2018 - A step backwards as far as offline game play was concerned. Certain bugs meant I didn't enjoy ML as much as 2017. MyClub became a bit more full of content though.

PES 2019 - WTF! Gameplay flawed with heading and jumping. Got half fixed by March 2019. MyClub content had boomed and suddenly became Konami's main focus. Acquiring specific players in MyClub became very difficult and clearly Konami's aims were to sell as many coins as possible with very little reward.

PES 2020 - Great demo, I think we all thought GREAT, PES is BACK!!!
What an absolute mess the full game is. The scripting is like nothing I have ever experienced in ANY PES Game. You hope your own skills will shine through both Offline and Online - but no. Your own skills acquired over many years of perfecting are now deemed useless in favour of keeping the new players interested by unfairly balancing out the flow of the game using ridiculous algorithms.
Here is the comparison... I feel like Lewis Hamilton racing in a Formula 1 race but driving a Rover 45.

PES 2020 will most likely be the last year I purchase this game, unless the feedback regarding Offline game play is positive.

For now, all face builds and face packs are on hold as I can not spend time on something I don't believe in!
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