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btw, vedran ćorluka ----> bayern munich

That is a strange one.
Don't really think that Bayern will fall for the post big tournament trap and buy a player who has it's best years behind him...

And by the way i wonder how many Icelandic players will end up with big clubs and never play...
Axel Witsel to Everton has been getting some pace... dunno how the new owner can compete with the likes of Chelsea, but indeed it would be a huge visit card if he could sign this one.
Zivkovic (Partizan) -> Benfica (99% done, he's already in Lisbon)
Pogba (Juventus) -> Man Utd
LLoris (Tottenham) -> Madrid
Kante (Leicester) -> Madrid / Juventus
Kovacic (Madrid) -> Everton / Wet Ham
Icardi (Inter) -> Tottenham
Axel Witsel (Zenith) to Everton.

Louis Van Gaal, coach of the Belgian national team

LVG seems to be the favourite.
Others considered: Van Haezebrouck (my favourite).

Problem is Wilmots. Wilmots' wife is a top lawyer and she does all the contract negotiations for him.
In his contract, there is a clause that stipulates that if Wilmots is fired, our Fa has to pay him 1 milion euro. In Belgium everybody wonders if our FA has that kind of money and to money to pay a big foreign coach like LVG.

After what i saw of LVG at United, i'm not so sure if he's the right person...
NO WHY? He was my fav Italian at the moment. He should sign for a bigger club than Soton.

Dzsudzsák -> Schalke FC, New York RB, Sporting KC
Nagy -> Bologna
Szalai -> Malaga
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Vietto (Atlético) --> Fc Sevilla

I hope this transfer will not be another loan like kranevitter(1 season - 2 mil for non option to buy)
120 millions? FFS. Pogba isn't worth more than 40 millions even with these inflation and exaggeration of players prices.
I don't find him that super player who's worth 120. What has he done to his club and his NT? even Modric or Iniesta who are > 30-years-old are better than him by a long long distance. WTF? The most overrated player ever.
Last year stupid rumors were linking him with RM, MU with 60 millions, what has he achieved in this season to double his value?
Even Iniesta and Modric are better than Pogba?
Both Iniesta and Modric are among the very best players of the world. IMO Modric is the most important player of Real Madrid.

It is a shame that both Iniesta and Modric weren't in the team of the tournament. To me they were among the very best players of the tournament.

yeah, no doubt about it. I just meant that even in their actual age they're worth more than Pogba (by far). If he's 120 than anyone of them is 250.
wow, that sounds like a huge mistake

Its the silliness of this window. Wenger loves Giroud although he`s only a 16 goal finisher a season.

Higi was on the wanted list from RM a few yrs back before going to Napoli,but Wenger refuse to give 5m€ :LOL: He such useless fossil of a manager.
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