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28 September 2019
Hi, I’m fairly new around these parts, so I first off commend the admins and mods for an excellent site - I’ve not bought a Pro Evo since the days they had numbered titles (not years) and not bought a football game (except FM) for at least six years.

Anyway, didn’t take me long to find this as the go-to hub for PES modding and some very helpful people to help me navigate Sider, CPKs and DP File Lists.

In my old age, with a young baby, finding the time for gaming, let alone modding, is a rarity, but I have done plenty for racing sims before, mainly creating skins for GTR2 and Assetto Corsa.

However, in all the modding hubs and communities I’ve ever been in, for Total War games, for racing sims, for Pro Cycling Manager, for Stellaris and Paradox games, one rule has always been pretty entrenched: no requests, except in the designated requests threads or unless a modder has specifically mentioned accepting them.

And looking through the amazing work modders are contributing to this forum, it feels like a pity to me that so many of the threads are cluttered with requests for more or different work, a lot of the time not even acknowledging the work done there.

Particularly in the Faces and Stadiums sections, threads are filled with names and photos of other players/stadia and just spammed with names.

Anyhow, I’m not meaning to tell anyone how it should be run here and it may well be this has been taken into consideration plenty of times before, but was just suggesting a well meaning alternative model that I’ve seen used elsewhere.

Keep up the good work!


12 December 2001
Hey there!

First of all, thanks for your kind words, they mean a lot! <3

I'll cut straight to the chase: You're absolutely right, requests have become a real nuisance and they can go suck a duck. We've talked about it a lot internally. Having a "no requests" default rule certainly is a possibility, however, it would put an enormous strain on our mods since there's tons of them every day. Plus, there's lots of threads and creators which seem to be okay with them. So, to keep them at bay as best as possible (for now at least) we currently

1. React to every report of spam/unwanted requests we get and delete it and/or even ban users for request spamming in case that's all they contribute to this community


2. which goes unnoticed by regular users, we've implemented an internal rule to our approval system for all new members. If new folk's first message contains a request (we always approve first posts manually), they get banned immediately. It's not much, but hey, it's something.

We will keep on monitoring and discussing the situation, of course, so posts like yours are highly appreciated to show us if more measures are needed. Thank you!


28 September 2019
Thanks for the informative reply and the background - as a former moderator of various communities (with far smaller user numbers), I certainly don't envy you having to implement various rules but appreciate you and the other staff members for doing so.
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