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Do you like Winning Eleven 10?

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Is this a step forward in the Winning Eleven series, is it what you were expecting.

But above all that, DO YOU LIKE IT?


Surely YES... great ball phisics, great player movement, quick players are not catched-up by defence, the long and thru passes are back (the goalkeeper is not a monster to catch it b4 attackers), great long passes and inversions, esiest to make goals inside area, long shots are more difficult now, referees are perfect with a lot of cards (so you don't suffer from your friends making 1x0 and stopping the game with fouls)

THE BIGGEST FLAW is the "idiotness" of the keepers, they always give rebounds by tapping the ball forward (they should try to tap the ball off any danger like in real play or to secure it) and their reaction is poor to catch that loose ball, even in easy shots...

IMO it's the greatest WINNING ELEVEN EVER!

The Golden Vision

16 August 2005
Overall it's great, but the keepers are poo. On the one hand there's some nice new diving animations (the two handed dive has finally gone, thankfully) but on the other they can't seem to catch a cold. Combine that with the way strikers now follow in for rebounds - long overdue, by the way - and it's really easy to score cheaply.

I love the crossing, and passing in general is ace. The way the ball now leaves the ground realistically when you pass over distance is cool, and the Poborsky style lobbed pass is genius! If PES6 improves the keepers and raises the overall difficulty level it will be absolutely immense.


13 October 2005
Brasília - Brasil
Flamengo, Internazionale
I agree with the 2 above ... the game is very good, but the keepers sucks in this one ... they make some great defenses from shots outside the area but in the other hand they give too much rebounds ... they are very easy to drible too, all you need to do is run...

Despite this, the game is great ... it is flowing much better ... what we need now is just a little time to get adapted with the new style of game


jumbo said:
As far as the gameplay goes, I'm loving it. Regardless of what other people might say.

That's what I was about to say !


arigato Shingo-sama !
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League 1
9 September 2003
Real Madrid
not bad finding it quite easy on level 5 so far a few difficult matches gotta get some more points to unlucky 6 star. goalies are sometimes great sometimes shocking can be very frustrating.


3 August 2005
A great applause to konami for this one! I like it very much, for me it goes in the progress line of WE8 LE, surely the best up to the date (until WE10 was released of course). I know some people here are very pissed off and tend to dismissed it in comparisson to PES5, WE9 and WE9 JL. But honestly, we can discuss many things, if the pace is better or worse, if the defense system is good or bad, if the gaolkeepers suck, etc. etc, Personaly i like it and enjoy it very much, but that's my taste, and everybody knows, tastes are tastes. But one thing that has no discussion, is that because of the removing of the automatic defense (:l1: +:x: ) and the tweak on the refs you can play some nice football without geting a foul for more than 1 minute. That issue solely makes this game much more better and a step fordward from the trilogy PES5, WE9 y WE9 JL. But I repeat,this is simply a humble opinion.

Cheers, and long life to WE!!!:applause:



I love the game so far but need to up the difficulty as it's too easy on 3 stars, although England gave me a run for my money in the International cup. I have haven't played it enough to fully appreciate it but its definately better than WE9 - more animations etc & it plays better. Some of the attacking play is excellent and the AI seems better. So far, so good...:applause:


7 October 2002
After 2 full championships with 5 usual friends my final veredict:

best since We7int for sure (and not yet decided if not better).
Surely the keepers are very weak sometimes and maybe a little touch down on overall speed wouldn't harm but this is surely a version that corrects a LOT of bugs and faults of PES5 and surely one that does something I treasure: allows you to really do what you wan't to do, specially in terms of passing. No more "I wanted to send it there and it goes here?!" factor, and that is great news for creative and imaginative players that previlege passing and teamwork over dribbling (although dribbling and changes of pace are surely awared in this version).

PS - I know a lot complain about defence. It's simply more realistic. Harder? I know I just finished 2 championships taking the less amount of goals I remember taking in the past years. It's all about defending... realistically as you see in real soccer.


17 April 2002
Yes.. the good definately outweigh the bad. Im beggining to like the defence now..even if it can be frustrating at times.. it makes for more pressure when defending good strikers... if anything that is a step in the right direction.. as in previous versions itd be too easy to get the ball of the good strikers. Minor problems with defence collision..but the good outweigh the bad.

The only gripe i have with this game is the 'stuttering' and 'slowdown'.
I went to masterleague, and did free training.. oh.. its so damn good.. the fluidity makes a huge difference.. no stutter.. no slowdown whatsoever. So yeah.. this game would be heaven if there was no 'whistle causing' stutter. Makes me wondering how great this game will be on the new generation playstation 3.. thatll be superheaven :)

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1 May 2005
Im beginning to like it a lot but must admit i was initially disappointed. The game seems to have taken a step in the FIFA direction with a kind of 'gaminess' added to it in place of more realism. My brother and I, who play all the time, now have one sided matches, as while i try to play realistically and score good goals, he is a gamer's gamer and runs straight through the defence with a fast and powerful player and scores. This pisses me off hugely. Ive gone from being the better player in PES5 to the shit one who loses 5-0 in we10!

Against the computer though, the game is pure genius. There are animations to suit every situation and players movements are generally more realistic. Its taken some getting used to as the AI is different (in Pes5 you could hold up the ball near the touch line and someone will streak past for a through, where now noone runs at all :( ) but other than that the game is great!

Cant you just see though on the Playstation 3...thousands of teams...faces for all....amazing graphics....the crowd stand up when you score....:)


PES2008 Guide Author
12 December 2002
Liège, Belgium
Standard Liège
Defending is veeery hot, so : imagine this game online !?
With a very little lag, it could be impossible to stay ok in defense.

So now I understand the disision of Konami to remove this mode... lol.


18 June 2005
Real Madrid
For me its an other step towards having a perfect soccer sim.

Try to play soccer as its played in real life guys and try to defend like defenders would defend in real life depending on different sitations!

For me the greatest imporvment is the referee, now he s not blowing his whistl for every single contact between playes ! gesus ! that was annoying not to mention the many penalties given with no reason.

Goalkeepers must be improved to behave more likelife.

Overall i think Konami will realase all these little faults and remove them so we can have a great game when WE11 arrives on the Next generation consoles.


2 August 2004
The ref is freaking brilliant on this version! No doubt!

I must give Konami huge props on this one! I never thought the ref could be THIS good! I admit I haven't had more than 10 games but from what I've seen, this guy is as perfect as it gets or has ever been in a football game I've played! :applause:


3 August 2005
Sunny Manchester, UK
The Red Devils
I'll describe one situation... I picked up the ball about 15 yards in from the top touchline and about 25 - 30 yards from the opposition goal and came to a stop. I stood there for over 30 seconds before one of the CPU attackers came back to try and get the ball of me....

Better? Yes... Good? Yes... Great? Got a long way to go yet.

Worryingly, I just think next gen PES and WE will look nicer but play the same.
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