Similar Threads - Can it/I turn it off?


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23 August 2020
As the title say. The similar threads for me is just some extra page space that I have to scroll over every time just to get the the link at the bottom to take me back to the forum I was looking at.

Are people really finding things this way? Surely that is what the search results are for.

Anyone else feel the same way or am I alone?
Yeah, I've come to the same conclusion that it really doesn't seem to benefit the content of our site in any meaningful way as the results in there are all over the place and no way near being "similar" to anything most of the time. I'll disable it unless there's (at least seven) users here who found it to be useful.
I've found some useful threads by looking at "similar threads". Not all the time, but probably about once or twice a day. Doesn't really bother me and it can be helpful sometimes..
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Never used it personally. It could be annoying when you are on on the phone trying to scroll down to go back to the parent thread or section. Would recommend turning the option off.
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One thing that I'd say is a positive about this feature, at least I've benefitted from this, is being able to see threads that would otherwise be buried. I've actually learned a few things or become aware of a few issues or options because of this.

For example: Right now, as I'm typing this I see a thread called "Stadion U Nisy Liberec Released | Slovan Liberec" I would've never seen this thread otherwise, and now I'd like to check it out.. Anyway I already said my opinion before, so this probably shouldn't count as another vote, but just wanted to let you guys know an extra point I think is good about this feature. :TU:
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