Scoreing Free Kicks !


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8 August 2003
Belo Horizonte - Brasil
Yesterday, I was playing online with my brother. We were playing against two german guys, Argentina x England. I made a 26 meters goal with Riquelme. In the next game, with Italy, my brother made a 32 meters goal with Totti.

I really think it is a lot more easy to score a free kick in this game that was in PES4.

Just go training! And one tip: 18-20 meters, hold DOWN. 20-23, hold R2. 24, don't hold nothing. 25-26, hold R1. More than 26, hold UP.
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R1 and R2 are no longer used in free kicks. Now you have to hold :triangle: after you shoot to a strong free kick and :x: to a weak one. Down arrow to a very weak one and up arrow to a very strong one.


Top stuff, fingers crossed il start cracking some in.


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31 May 2005
mareen said:
btw how should i make a small tap and kick the abll :S

:l1: +:x:

I use to stink at FK's on all versions leading up to WE9. Now I am banging them im at least 1 per game anywhere 20-27m. Above that distance I haven't scored yet.

Key as was advised by many guru's here is practice..practice and practice some more. Pick you favorite FK taker and get used to their style above anything else.

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