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10 November 2003
Westcoast, Scotland
i know i should post this in a relevant post if there is one, but im not sure. but anyway.......

i been playing now for two days, starting to play really well, enjoyin it immensly, signed up for both the champions league, and the league, and cant wait.

but today it finally happened, yes, i ran into the first online prick, who enjoys spoiling games when theyre not going his way.

he went barca, i went arsenal, we had a ding dong match, end to end, but i pulled away and won 5-3. and thought what a great match that was, we then had a rematch, it was 1-1 then again i pulled away just after the second half, and was leading 3-1 when suddenly from every kick of he punted back to keeper and scored og after og, till it was 7-1. then in the 89th minute, he quitted.

its quite sad really but hey, least i got a three nil win for it.

and before anyone goes on bout this should be in such and such a topic, well im sorry, i was just so mad, just wanted to bring to everyones attention what a cheating loser this guy is!
7 August 2004
Mayby a sticky with people with bad connections, sore losers, ect can be added so we can stay well away from them. Havent had anybody like that before, just a couple with really laggy games

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Champions League
3 December 2001
Well, I enjoyed your post. He sounds quite a guy!!!

I'm hopefully getting online sorted later this month, I think he'll be the first one I challenge!


Part Timer
21 February 2003
Well he's a member here, so maybe he should speak up and give his side of the story (although it doesn't sound too good).

ProEvoBaggio, care to comment?!


22 March 2003
This happened to me on PES4 PC.

Can't remember the player name...

But We had 2 matches...he beat me on the first one (I was having an off day) and then in the 2nd one I was winning like 4-0 at half time...after the break it was own goal after own goal.

I ended up just getting the ball and passing it round, not letting him touch it. Bet that pi$sed him off.
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