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Hello all!

Im gonna be honest, i hardly ever use my computer for games but on hearing that the xbox360 version is without the editing section i opted for a PC version.

Personally, i am now regretting it.

I dont have any flashy graphics card i think i just have an Intel (R) Extreme Graphics Card 2.

Still it is a good computer (i think) and having downloaded a load of patches for new turfs, kits, crests and sounds i was really excited about playing.

In the settings window for pro evo my settings where medium quality and my resolution which is 1152 x 864 in full screen.

The first thing i was greeted with was the intro which i thought looked fantastic, then when it came to the menu screen (after the press start screen) and it was just blank but still had the bar along the bottom which said what menu you where over.

I then started to play the game and i was extremely dissapointed. The graphics where very jagged and square very similar to fifa 1998 or something. It wasnt smooth like id seen in some people's screenshots.

Whats going on!? is there a patch or something i can get so that i dont have to shed a load of cash on some big graphics card as i usually dont have a problem with playing games on here.

Any help will be massively appreciated as i am tearing my hair out at the moment!!



League 1
28 November 2005
I have same or more less the same card as you dude.I have same problem with the blank game selection menu.This is due to a bug in game more than the card itself.This game runs perfect on my card and im using Intel 82845G not the best but runs pes5 good and pes6 also apart from the bug i have mentioned above


League 1
28 November 2005
kdjac said:
Run it at the lowest resolution and disable all effects, its a shit card but assuming its over 32mb it can work in some form.

The last driver!

Last update 6/28/2005 :/ thats crap.


Its a 64mb card mine works perfect.It is a shit card but it does play most games at a reasonable level.Mines in a laptop so cant be upgraded but im happy how this game plays.Really poor intel dont release driver updates newer than 2005 versions
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